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Anti-Disillusion Mints

Have your selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors and minty fresh breath, too!
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If they can package nicotine as minty lozenges, why not psychotheraputic drugs?

Feeling blue? Date not going well? Just pop a refreshing Peppermint Paxil or X-Treme Mint Xanax and be on the road to minty mental wellness once again!

Ok, ok... I did it for the pun.

justaguy, May 16 2005


       selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors... get it?
justaguy, May 16 2005

po, May 16 2005

       SSRIs have to build up in your system to work. So you'd have to take these mints for several days to get anything but a placebo effect.
krelnik, May 16 2005

       Guy from the future 1: "So why did all those millions of teenagers die back in 2005?"   

       Guy from the future 3: "I don't know, but where'd guy from the future 2 go?"   

       Guy form the future 1: "I don't know, last I saw he was chewing down a mint xanax. Chasing it with red bull."
daseva, May 16 2005

       [krelnik] But in the meantime, you'll have minty fresh breath! Besides, we all need a little placebo effect in our lives.
justaguy, May 16 2005

       Hey, personally I'd be happier if my psychotherapeutic drugs tasted of mint.
Basepair, May 16 2005

       I was going to say exactely what krelnik said. And placebo's dont work for people who know it won't work. Also, making drugs that can be habit forming tasty is a bad idea. you get fishbone!
SpocksEyebrow, May 17 2005

       Do you need prescriptions for chocholate and coffee? silly semantics.
SpocksEyebrow, May 17 2005

       [SpocksEyebrow] Is it a minty fishbone?
justaguy, May 17 2005

       Why the mint Xanax? It works pretty quickly if you just swallow it. And you're going to need a prescription for it anyway, at least in the U.S. I like the general idea though, nothing beats a pocketful of Xanax.
Noexit, May 17 2005

       Why mint toothpicks? Regular ones work just as well.
justaguy, May 17 2005


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