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Tasty mints of science
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These are tasty extra strong mints that come in a tin that looks like a vintage chemistry set. The individual mints are shaped like beakers, flasks, rats, etc. Test one on your pets today!
Grimrock, Oct 02 2000


thumbwax, Oct 03 2000

       Also, "Endanger-mints": in the form of knives, snakes, guns, and bombs. Every third one is flavored with cyanide.
centauri, Oct 03 2000

       Just get some Creme de Noyeaux for the cyanide flavored mints. Creme de Noyeaux is almond flavored as is cyanide.
thumbwax, Oct 03 2000

       Is it bitter almonds, or non, thumbwax? Also, I've heard that cyanide only creates the smell/taste of bitter almonds after it comes in contact with living tissue.
centauri, Oct 03 2000

       New from the makers of Experi-mints it's "Predica-mints". We're not sure what they are shaped like as no one has actually seen them. They come in a beautiful, ornate box with no opening. The only way to get what we assume are some terribly tasty mints is to smash the box. What to do, what to do ...
Grimrock, Oct 03 2000

       "Inter-mints: for when your breath smells like something that died...."
centauri, Oct 03 2000

       Hey thumbwax, do you happen to own a copy of that "poison for writers" book?
Grimrock, Oct 03 2000

       You dirty rat...
thumbwax, Oct 04 2000

       How 'bout Developmints. Little film canister-shaped mints that come in a Photo Booth-shaped box. Or impedimints that make you lisp with really nice breath.
On-or-about, Oct 07 2000

       I'm sure most of you have seen 'Managemints'-the dilbert candies...
thumbwax, Oct 07 2000

       Dental Records. When you chew them, they squeek loudly. With practice, you can make musical tones.
On-or-about, Oct 07 2000

       How about Parlia-mints. Everyone thinks they taste good at first, but they always leave a bad after-taste.
Alcin, Oct 09 2000

       enchant-mints: contains some form of hallucinogen...
Urania, Jan 16 2001

       or a disenchant-mints: contains downers...
barnzenen, Jan 17 2001

       "Enlighten-Mints" are currently being sold at the counter of my local health food grocer. (A small tin with a drawing of a buddha on it.)
jutta, Jan 20 2001

       Flavorless Mints: mints without any mint flavor.
Vance, Feb 08 2001

       I once wanted to start a band and name it "Mint." Then the first album (this was in the days of vinyl) would be named "Achieve." Later albums would be named "Enlighten," Enchant," Govern," etc., respectively.
beauxeault, Feb 24 2001

       How about Engage-mints, to serve at engagement and wedding-rehearsal parties -- dainty, pastel-pink peppermint flavored confections shaped like hearts, with the happy couple's name and maybe the date/year in red frosting.
Sparki, Aug 13 2001

       Testa-mints, reserved for religious activities. Yum, testify.
Japanese_Coffee, Jun 28 2003

       Alternatively, you could have called them Ex-spearmints.
WordUp, Jul 07 2004

       How do you know what cyanide tastes like...
macncheesy, Jul 07 2004

       They've been to my house. I 'flavor' guests' snacks with cyanide. Muahahahaha!
disbomber, Apr 05 2005

       I gave this one a croissant for [centauri]'s anno.
disbomber, Apr 05 2005

       Mintal Patience, the long lasting sedative mints
JesusHChrist, Apr 06 2005


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