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Breath mints for after you've prayed to the porcelain god.
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This isn't my idea, but an invention David Duchovny jokingly referred to in an interview. As a binge drinker, I thought it'd be a spectacular idea to have breath mints specifically designed to cover up puke breath. Maybe they could have some acetaminophen or something in them as well, for those morning after blues.
dpenguin, Mar 29 2000


       How about mints that make you feel and smell like you've been out drinking, have come home, vomited, and eaten a mint to try and cover the smell? These would have the same result as the Vomint, but without the need to actually do all that binge drinking.
hippo, Mar 29 2000

       How about not binge drink to begin with?
noweb4u, Mar 29 2000

       Ah, "not binge drinking to begin with". The way of Zen.
hippo, May 30 2000

       well, the problem with the suggestion to not binge drink is, what sober person really wants to smell like they have been binge drinking, hurled, and tried to cover it with a breath mint........perhaps you should consider brushing your teeth and some scope.
scotty1969, May 31 2000

       Instead of telling you not to binge drink I'll just say I think it's a great idea-especially for us bulemics.
kittymeow, Jun 30 2000

       Imagine Mentos's marketing.*Little Jingle* "Mentos.The Puke Breath Cover Up."
alien_monkey_1, Jul 23 2000

       Puke breath comes from the gut. Cover up the gut stench with a soft drink. Then take a regular old mint. Now you're set.
Vance, Feb 08 2001

       I concur with Vance. A Coke and an Altoid should do you well.
disbomber, Apr 05 2005

       + for the name
JesusHChrist, Apr 06 2005

       Note to self: Think twice before clicking the "Random" button.
phundug, Mar 02 2012

       Or consider pushing it again. Some ideas age well.   

       Some of them.
Alterother, Mar 02 2012


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