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Brick Pinata Bullfighting

Best of both worlds
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Bullfighting! The beauty! The spectacle! The danger! But the poor bull; that part is kind of a bummer.

I was thinking about pinata using a sledgehammer in both hands. For such an endeavor the pinata should be made of brick. But such a monster would not meekly hang - no it would give chase!

The brick pinata is mounted on balloon castor wheels and moored with 4 ropes. The drivers move the pinata by pulling or letting out slack and maneuver the pinata around the ring. The automated version synchronizes the pulleys via computer but maybe that is cheating.

The bullfighter must incapacitate the pinata through use of one of the two sledgehammers he carries. The brick pinata tried to knock down the matador and roll over him, making his fine clothes dirty. One could have a prelude with the picadores etc though I am not sure one could soften up a brick pinata in the same way the live bull is softened up.

On breaking, the pinata is full of euros (or maybe pesatas) which the matador collects and throws into the crowd.

bungston, Sep 13 2012


       As a dedicated hammer enthusiast, I give this one a big brick bun.
Alterother, Sep 13 2012

       // the pinata is full of euros … which the matador collects and throws into the crowd / /   

       Presumably the crowd has to agree to stringent financial conditions before gettin the euros …
8th of 7, Sep 13 2012

       Yeah, changing meds is the bummest.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 13 2012


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