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Indestructible Piñata

To Show that Violence is Never the Answer.
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Another Halloween has come and gone, and again you hear horrible stories of old people threatened with terrible tricks unless they part with their hard earned candy.

Children today need to be taught that violence doesn't always pay. The indestructible piñata is the way to do this. The outer layer will be thick rubber designed to bend and deform elastically when attacked with sticks and brooms and other blunt objects. Inside there is also a layer of Kevlar to deflect any knife or gun damage from angered players. (Not that children should have guns or knives, but this would get frustrating after a while, whatever age you are) In fact, the only way to actually break the piñata would be to use incendiary devices such as grenades or bombs. But this would have the side effect of destroying the contents as well.

It's rumoured that by befriending the piñata and taking care of it, putting a stylish sombrero on its head and so on, that it may give you its contents of its own accord. Of course I have never had the patience or willpower to try this and it is largely seen as an urban legend.

In fact, as far as most people know, this could contain nothing or anything at all.

hidden truths, Nov 17 2005

(?) Evil Pinata Evil_20Pinatas
[mfd] magic & WIBNI right here [Texticle, Nov 17 2005]

Indestructible Pinata http://vids.myspace...ual&VideoID=2728715
A mean thing to do to a kid, eh? [Ander, Aug 03 2007]


       Just give them a painted rock. If you don't like pinatas, don't give them to your children.   

       P.S. I'll have mine straight up, no salt.
DrCurry, Nov 17 2005

       What are you talking about [Text]?
moomintroll, Nov 17 2005

       I was assuming that he was referring to the link.   

       I actually quite like piñatas [DrC], so if I can use them to give a message, all the better. Although, this painted rock idea of yours has some merit.
hidden truths, Nov 17 2005

       Sadly this wouldn't last long around my neighbourhood, where "incendiary devices such as grenades" are easier to get hold of than halloween costumes.   

       [+] anyway, I can see this having a pleasing effect on those areas not already converted to permanent gang warfare.
Mr Phase, Nov 17 2005

       //threatened with terrible tricks unless they part with their hard earned candy.// One of the best laughs of the week, thanks [h_t].
fridge duck, Nov 17 2005

       This just teaches children that cute things are tough and are a bit fun to beat with sticks. Instead you should have the pinata spew blood and cry. There's no candy inside, just smelly guts. Then lock the children in the basement for a month to simulate prison.
Worldgineer, Nov 17 2005

       [moomintroll], yeah I was talking about the linked. I was surprised to see the linked idea hadn't been deleted, despite everyone talking about doing it.   

       This idea however, is quite acceptable. I'd bun it if I could.
Texticle, Nov 18 2005

       waugs was messing with your heads: those MFDs were (presumably deliberately) misspelt (extra spaces and/or no hyphens), and quite possibly never showed up in the police sweeps.
DrCurry, Nov 18 2005

       //Children today need to be taught that violence doesn't always pay.//   

       Right, you are ... except for the miniscule minority of kids traumatized by their failure to break the object ... even a smaller minority of these kids will turn turn out to be evil dictators bent on taking revenge on the world for their early childhood humiliation.   

       "How would you like a taste of 10 megatons Indestructible Piñata? Muhahahaha!!! "
ixnaum, Nov 18 2005

       I don't know about you, but my pinata likes it rough. and i like fast and easy candy.
IcarusByNight, Nov 18 2005

       No indestructible pinatas for adults, of course. I would get bored quickly, and then just go buy some candy.   

       Wait...if it was a 'nearly' indestructible pinata, and was filled with margaritas...
sleeka, Nov 18 2005

       [miciah] Yeah, pinacoladas break real easy.   

       [ixnaum] That's me! But 10 megatons isn't enough. My scientists are working on 200 megatons. Of doom.   

       //Children today need to be taught that violence doesn't always pay.// Not always, but it does for   

       -Soldiers -Gang members -Armed robbers -Wrestlers -Military leaders -Superheroes -Supervillains -And probably others, but I can't think of any more.   

       Well, it's a good half-baked idea. It wouldn't work, but I give it a [+].
TahuNuva, Jan 05 2008


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