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Multiplayer Pinata

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Pinata is a lonely and desperate endeavor. The player is an ineffectual object of derision, crippled by blindness, the last to benefit from her endeavors as when she succeeds in opening the pinata, the onlookers rush in and grab the choicest tidbits while she struggles with her blindfold, removing it only to discover that all the choice candy is in the mouths of her audience and on the ground, only Circus Peanuts remain.

Multiplayer pinata brings the spirit of community and teamwork. In addition,instead of a blindfold, each player wears a papier-mache helmet depicting his or her totem animal. This offers a measure of protection as well.

bungston, Sep 13 2012

Skeet Pinata Skeet_20Pinata
Also in this category was once my Poopñata concept, which mysteriously got deleted. [bungston, Sep 13 2012]


       Soooooo.... what you're saying is that multiple players, blindfolded and wearing papier-mache helmets simultaneously lash out with clubs at a papier-mache pinata? I'm sure nothing could go wrong with that plan.
hippo, Sep 13 2012

       bun for cruelty
Voice, Sep 13 2012

       It's much more interesting if you use a pump- action 12-gauge instead of a stick.
8th of 7, Sep 13 2012

       "Shooting Range Pinatas"   

       There's a bunable idea. Stick candy in it that matches the color of the pinata so you know who won what.   

       So there's like ten or so of these little 4" tall mini-pinatas a hundred yards downrange, each a different color. Each shooter takes a shot and notes which color he blew up, then everybody goes downrange and picks up their candy.   

       The fun part would be that some if not most of the candy would be comically blowed up. But hey, it's still candy right?   

       Great fun for any 30-06 toting toddlers.
doctorremulac3, Sep 13 2012

       Linked up is my old skeet pinatas idea. Yes, pinatas. The possibilities boggle the mind.
bungston, Sep 13 2012


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