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De Selby's Great Pinata NIghtmare

the pinata that never stops giving
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De Selby's Great Pinata looks and behaves like any other pinata - ie you hang it up, then bash it with a stick until it bursts open. (this is usually done blindfolded so that you have to swing the stick around like a fool for a while first).

De Selby's Great Pinata Nightmare has one big difference - when it bursts, instead of a pile of sweets being released, ten more smaller pinatas descend on strings from its interior and hang below it, waiting to be struck with a smaller instrument, like a toffee hammer.

Each smaller Pinata contains another ten even smaller replicas, as the Great Pinata Nightmare begins to fully reveal itself. The subsequent instruments of destruction must also shrink down in proportion to the point where instead of impacts, tiny crushing tweezers are required to destroy the now thousands of pinatas, and these become only visible through powerful magnifying glasses. The legendary De Selby smiles contentedly.

xenzag, Dec 13 2019

De Selby https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/De_Selby
the ultimate genius [xenzag, Dec 14 2019]


       Seeing as how these things are not solid, but hollow folded structures, I don't see why the contained ones need to be smaller than the containing one. The could be folded or compressed, so that when the outer one is burst, the inner ones spring into shape.
pocmloc, Dec 14 2019

       Nice, [poc]. The obvious approach is to fold the sub-elements in more than five dimensions, thus there is no limit to the recursion that can be achieved.   

       Matryoshka piñatas ? Russian-Hispanic crossover, very "fusion" ...
8th of 7, Dec 14 2019

       That would be The Tardis variation, but even then, each subsequent opening will exponentially release smaller versions of the original and these will require individual interventions to get access to their contents.
xenzag, Dec 14 2019

       Whilst applauding the idea, I cannot help but wonder what inspired a person to invent the Pinata in the first place.   

       "Hey, José mi amigo, what can we invent that would be a fun way for los ninos to enjoy at a birthday party?"   

       "Well, Hernandez, how about we let them beat a donkey to death with sticks as it hangs from the ceiling?"
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 14 2019

       Well, it works for the adults - why not for the kids, too ? After all, if you get a buzz from sticking spikes in bulls, throwing goats off towers, working beasts of burden to death, and sexual congress with domestic and domesticated animals, it's the obvious step.
8th of 7, Dec 14 2019


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