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Reverse Piñata

Tube filled with candy
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This is a paper-padded paperboard tube filled with candy that has a punctured weakness around the middle designed to fail after one great hit or a series of smaller hits. Each participant is given one of these. They battle each other hitting tube to tube until one fails. Cheers and then the candy is collected from the ground by everyone. The next participant steps up to the current champion and starts the battle over again.

Actually these reverse piñatas could take the shapes of hammers, axes, clubs or animals, each with their own designed weak points to allow for the most candy to fall out during failure.

sartep, Aug 15 2005


       are you familiar with christmas crackers? not in the biblical sense obviously :)
po, Aug 15 2005

       Yes, christmas crackers are fun.
sartep, Aug 15 2005

       I wuld have thought a reverse pinata would involve trying to whack candies and other goodies back *into* a brightly colored papier mache shell.
DrCurry, Aug 15 2005

       No, [DrCurry], it would be a piñata, armed with a stick, vigorously laying into a group of children. Worth seeing, that.   

       ñ = ALT + 0241
gardnertoo, Jan 12 2006

       [gardnertoo] I thought the same thing. All the more interesting when the kids know that there is candy inside the assaulter. Given that, I wouldn't sign up to be the piñata!
Zimmy, Jan 12 2006

       I've never been very happy with something that teaches children to associate mob violence with rewards. I'm not too keen on [gardnertoo]'s alternative either, since I don't want my children to get beaten up either.   

       I have no objection to play violence, provided that it's fair-ish and not too dangerous, so what about piñata shields and rigid weapons (and body padding and face masks)? You get your reward by landing solid blows on someone's shield or, at your own risk, you duck in underneath another battling pair to snatch up what they've been too busy to notice.
pertinax, Sep 26 2006

       Or, it could be a group of blindfolded kids hanging from a tree attempting to break a piñata that's sitting on the ground by throwing candy at it.
apocalyps956, Jan 02 2007

       In Soviet Russa, piñata hits YOU!
Eugene, Jan 02 2007

       Though I understand everyone's comments, I still don't understand how your pinata is designed. Could you elaborate further?
flynn, Jan 03 2007

       It's a cardboard tube filled with candy, with a perforated middle section. When you whack it against things, the perforation tears and the candy falls out. Simple.
5th Earth, Jan 04 2007

       Surely this is basically the same as a normal piñata but without the amusing shape or slightly more rigid structure?.. pardon the ignorance, feel free to correct me if i'm wrong.
deoxyribonucleic, Jan 04 2007

       Compare and contrast:   

       "When you whack it against things"   


       "When you whack things against it"   

       Maybe not a revolution in design, but certainly application.
5th Earth, Jan 05 2007

       [gardnertoo], if I could give you a bun for your version, I would.   

       [apocalyps956] would get a bun, too, for your vision of suspended kiddies pelting a piñata with candy. Of course, the whole thing would come to a halt when one of the kids realizes that she can just hang there and _eat_ the candy.   

       Finally, there's the "Uñata", which only gives up its candy if you _don't_ hit it. Kiddies just stand around it until it spontaneously explodes, showering them with candy.
land, Jan 05 2007

       ah, chocolate fireworks, land. that sounds familiar.
po, Jan 05 2007

       [5th earth]- thank you for clearing that up.
deoxyribonucleic, Jan 05 2007

       This is a much better idea than the spider-like machine I envisioned that would beat candy back out of children...
ye_river_xiv, Jan 05 2007

       I challenge you to a duel!
RayfordSteele, Jan 07 2007

       OR .... fill tubes with raw green beans, peas, and broccoli.   

       The loser has to eat the veggies, before the birthday cake is served.
popbottle, Jan 01 2016


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