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Skeet Pinata

Bang bang
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The skeet pinata bobs and swings on the end of a long rod. The various shooters take turns with their shotguns. The skeet pinata is durable and takes more than one shot. The skeet pinata might be shaped like a deer or varmint or whatever is in season.
bungston, Dec 18 2010


       //whatever is in season// Pizza! [+]
xandram, Dec 19 2010

       Shotguns [+]
8th of 7, Dec 19 2010

       sp. Piñata [+]
methinksnot, Dec 23 2010

       It's varmint season.
calum, Dec 24 2010

       [+]. The shotgunners should also be blindfolded and spun around, for that authentic pinata experience.
AntiQuark, Dec 24 2010

       /blindfolded and spun around/ sorry, I thought that was implied.
bungston, Dec 24 2010

       NOTHING is implied in the multi-faceted, multi-cultural art of piñatery!
AntiQuark, Dec 24 2010

       It's got the fun of pinatas and the danger of firearms at a party!   

       What's not to like? [+]
doctorremulac3, Sep 13 2012

       The old message was "If you blindly beat on your loved ones with sticks with everyone taking their turn, you get candy".   

       The new message is "If you blindly shoot other wild life (and pets and the house and the party goers) with shotguns with everyone taking their turn, you get candy".   

       Escalation ? or Inflation ?
popbottle, Jan 01 2015

       It can only be inflescalation!   

       I think loading the shotguns with candy would really improve the festive quotient. The pinata does not really need that hard killing of a regular shell. And missed shots would still send the kids scrambling for candy!   

       Maybe tinsel too, for visual effect.
bungston, Jan 01 2015


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