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Screaming Pinata

this one is for PETA
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you hit it with a stick and it screams

just like the real animal would

hope that I spelled Pinata correctly

vfrackis, Jun 21 2009

not all pinatas are animals, so this one could (um) fart? http://www.geekolog...5/29/ass-pinata.jpg
[xandram, Jun 25 2009]


       People for Eating Tasty Animals are indeed appreciative.   

       I can hear it now: "Hee-haw hee-haw why am I hanging from a string and covered in festive tissue paper? Also, why am I so much smaller than other members of my species?"
sninctown, Jun 22 2009

       I'll give no croissant for teaching kids to wail on animals. [-]   

       But here's that n-thing: ñ
swimswim, Jun 22 2009

       I think it would be quite disturbing, but then you don't see too many Piñatae around these parts.
zen_tom, Jun 22 2009

       //you don't see too many Piñatae around//
I think they've got a captive breeding pair at London Zoo.
coprocephalous, Jun 22 2009

       as long as it's human screams, not animal screams that would be disturburbing.
simonj, Jun 22 2009

       Perhaps the screaming could wane whimperwards towards the end of its life as a container of candy and, when downed from the treebranch and thoroughly whipped to bits by tartrazined children, the voicebox can squelch out a beseeching "kill me... aananaghghgh".
calum, Jun 22 2009

       One could have this built into the stick, which would emit huge crushing noises, explosions, wet splattering bursts, and similar on contact with pinata, partytgoer or anything else. A range of sounds would be possible. One stick would be good for many pinatas, and even good without pinatas.
bungston, Jun 22 2009

       How about a compromise - the piñata taunts the stick wielder. There would be several modes ranging from "gentle" for young kids ("aww, you missed") to "harsh" for older kids ("you're going to have to try harder than that") to "vulgar" for even older kids ("try again, you %^$#@").
Gamma48, Jun 22 2009

       It would taunt only after the kid has swung his/her stick. Sensors (infrared?) could detect the motion.
Gamma48, Jun 22 2009

       //Doesn't this make it a bit too easy for blind-folded kids to locate the target//   

       That's the Whimpering Piñata you're thinking of.
theleopard, Jun 22 2009

       I go away for a day to look for gainful employment, (huh, what the hell is gainful employment?), and this disgusting, perverse, unbelievably cruel and mean spirited idea arises.   

       I will never go away and look for work again. I love it. 5 buns from me.
blissmiss, Jun 22 2009

       Perhaps a Black Knight pinata could taunt you as you smash it, "... it's only a flesh wound!"
tatterdemalion, Jun 23 2009


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