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Camel Lip Controller

Keeps the camel lips at bay
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Contians a piece of plastic shaped like an upside down triangle, in the crotch, thus elemenating camel lip!
matculv, Nov 22 2002

Actual camel toes http://www.planet-pets.com/plntcaml.htm
Scroll down. [horripilation, Oct 21 2004]

RateMyCamelToe.com http://www.ratemycameltoe.com/
[X2Entendre]'s link as a link so don't blame me. [phoenix, Oct 21 2004]

(??) Camel Lips
(The real thing, if the above images haven't already put you off lunch.) [dalek, Oct 21 2004]

Camel Toes http://www.planet-pets.com/cml5.gif
(It's only a drawing, but it's the best I can come up with.) I think the "lips" analogy works better. [dalek, Oct 21 2004]

(??) Camel Toe The Movie http://www.camel-to...ameltoethemovie.htm
Very funny movie about camel toes [intec, Oct 21 2004]

(?) Pussy Control http://www.zbone.co..._lyric_pcontrol.htm
Prince sings about cat training. [Amos Kito, Oct 21 2004]

Baked http://www.camel-toe.net/cameltoehide.htm
Providing this is an actual product. There are a few other references to it on the internet. [half, Oct 21 2004]

(?) Cuchini, 2 at $15 https://www.cuchini.com/
A pad worn inside panties that prevents unwanted ridges. [jutta, May 06 2009]


snarfyguy, Nov 22 2002

       lately I just don't seem to understand a lot of these ideas....
rbl, Nov 22 2002

       lips and upside-down triangles and crotches, I think that's all I want to know...
RayfordSteele, Nov 22 2002

       I understand completely. Very, very, very good idea.
Miss Weston Smith, Nov 22 2002

       Good point but with some items of clothing it can be unavoidable i.e. leggings. Also for those people not graced with the sense to wear trousers the right size, this kind of device built in would save everyone else witnessing awful displays of camel foot, or lip as it is called in this case.
Miss Weston Smith, Nov 22 2002

       never been kissed by a camel - never lived!
po, Nov 22 2002

       Ah - so it's a sort of pussy concealer. I think the French may have invented this as "La Cache-Puss"
DenholmRicshaw, Nov 22 2002

       Ahh... women's anti-wedgie device. I got it now. Sounds quite uncomfortable. Might want to consider a material more 'form-fitting.'
RayfordSteele, Nov 22 2002

       too much information.
rbl, Nov 22 2002

       Are those collagen lips or are you just happy to see me?
FarmerJohn, Nov 22 2002

       Sp: Camel toes
thumbwax, Nov 22 2002

       [blissmiss] You'll have to go cold turkey. Hey, you gave me an idea! "Is that a one of those ballistic pie pocket watches in your pocket or are you just..."
FarmerJohn, Nov 23 2002

       Being a Camel Toe afficianado, how about a CamelToe enhancer for those who are less monsially(? word) endowed with an inflation device to adjust as mood desires.
MadJack, Nov 23 2002

       Inflatable toes, for those suffering Camel Toe envy!
Micky Dread, Nov 24 2002

       This would give me the hump
skinflaps, Nov 24 2002

       One hump, or two?
Micky Dread, Nov 25 2002

       The invention is a bit lame, but the intent is sound and commendable.
horripilation, Nov 25 2002

       God Bless Cameltoes! http://www.ratemycameltoe.com/
X2Entendre, Nov 25 2002

       Is this a problem that needs to be fixed? I mean, the people in the photographs provided by waugsqueke (how *did* you know about the link?) mostly look as though they're not too fussed about people staring at their crotches.
Nick@Nite, Nov 25 2002

       You'll have to ask waugs about that one - he seems to be the expert.
Nick@Nite, Nov 25 2002

       I think toes, when clothed.
Micky Dread, Nov 26 2002

       Marlboro country lip
skinflaps, Nov 26 2002

       where i'm from, it's called a moose knuckle.
mihali, Nov 26 2002

       Rods_Tiger: see link - hairy as well as cleft.
dalek, Nov 26 2002

       Fact: The words 'pussy' and 'purse' come from the same root word.   

       Thats all i'm saying.
tyskland, Nov 26 2002

       I wonder why?
po, Nov 26 2002

       Does Dustin have camel lips? Or toes?
dalek, Nov 26 2002

       I wish i knew what this is/what/where/why/when?
skinflaps, Nov 26 2002

       I was certainly happier before I knew.
angel, Nov 28 2002

       I asked a zoo keeper last night regarding camel lip,he explained in great anatomical detail,something to do with spitting.
skinflaps, Nov 28 2002

       Certainly the camel I rode on (it was a unique experience thank goodness) was in the habit of inflating this flap of skin inside its cheek every minute or so. A ball of slick greenish skin grew out of the side of its head, when fully inflated the camel would continue to blow through it for a few moments, sending chunks of semi digested *matter* and camel phlegm everywhere.   

       So you can only imagine my disappointment when I realised this idea would be no help in this situation. Not that it is a bad idea, quite the reverse. Not that I will vote for it, because I agree with [waugsqueke].
Ludwig, Nov 29 2002

       This idea doesn't seem to be going away on it's own, so with a little help from Google and keywords gleaned from the above annotations...baked.
half, Nov 29 2002

       So done.
bristolz, Jun 27 2003

       So there.
skinflaps, Jun 27 2003

       So long.
thumbwax, Jun 27 2003

       tw: but not for long, it seems.
DrCurry, Feb 07 2006

       I'm sorry, but depression has reached record levels in middle-aged men and you want to *hide* camel toes? The sight of a well fitted and stylishly filled pair of mumble pants has saved my life more than once. (-)   

       (edit) Mumble Pants: Australian slang, 'I can see her lips moving but I can't quite make out what she's saying..'
ConsulFlaminicus, Feb 07 2006

       The originator of this idea posted only two - this and "Pee-in-a-can".   

       [Consul], that's too funny.
normzone, May 08 2009

       I was pondering this concept, for my own reasons. It occurs to me that the wearer of such a device could take the opportunity to display something other than what might displayed without it. The device could have a symbol of some sort in relief - perhaps a smiling face, or a question mark. Or a Star of David or a cross, to reorient the viewers mind from things of the flesh to the majesty of God or the suffering of Christ.
bungston, May 17 2010

       <Homer Simpson>   

       Mmmm, Donuts !   

       </Homer Simpson>
8th of 7, May 17 2010

       bone for hiding camel toes.
Voice, Aug 19 2010

       Baked, but I'd never be able to prove it. Way back, in the early 90's, my buddies wife had some old magazines from the 70's, McCalls or Vogue or something, and in one of them was an ad for a product calle The Butterfly (I think) and it was pretty much exactly what you describe, only shaped like a butterfly instead of a triangle. If anybody remembers the high-waisted jeans of the 70's you'll remember these were almost a necessity.
Noexit, Aug 20 2010


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