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Codpieces and Other Ancient Fashion Statements

It would be interesting if the Codpiece came back in style.
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Wouldn't it? One of the main reasons I was thinking about this is because it would be nice to dispense different activity to your genitals via a codpiece. You could regulate the temperature if you wanted. You could dispense medications. You could scratch yourself there with via a special trigger or button of some sort.

And if the codpiece caught on because of certain benefits perhaps other clothing items of old like the Toga, The Hoop Skirt and Stove Pipe hats also became de rigeur.

dgeiser13, Dec 11 2000


       The cod piece has always been good for a "comeback" especially amongst the priapic. But seriously, "dispense[ing] medication"? Who but the most self loathing would want to cede the responsibilty of smearing cream on their privates to a intubated leather sac? In my view the cod piece is good for one thing only: showing off. That is why it is so popular with the leather and metal set.
Dolophine, Dec 12 2000

       Cod pieces and stove-pipe hats I can vote for (especially in combination) but please reassure me that you don't intend to include flares on the list.
DrBob, Dec 12 2000

       A male 'bra' of sorts? That's called a jockstrap.
jpass, Jan 03 2001

       do tube tops count as ancient? just think, a black stove pipe hat, a horizontally striped tube top, and a sporty cod piece! you're ready for a fine day on any Puerto Rican beach!
absterge, Jan 03 2001

       When I was in a major university, a girl was saying that some old Polish guy had been swimming in the big pool with only a jockstrap on.   

       Perhaps we could all cut big holes in our jeans and flaunt our jockstraps?
Vance, Jan 29 2001

       Someone, I think Philip K. Dick, wrote a sci-fi story where lead codpieces were popular fashion items due to an abundance of radiation in the atmosphere. Actually, it's probably a fairly common SF meme.
clynne, Jan 29 2001

       I think I saw a guy on T.V. touting what was basically Y-front jeans. They wore like normal trousers evcept the front was two rows of buttons that came up about 5 inches apart. They were slightly creepy and rather intimidating. I would supply a link but I saw this guy a loooong time ago.
PollyNo9, Jun 09 2003


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