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Systemized Amplification of Courage (SAC)

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A Male or female will use these as a mnemonic device to increase courage in this circumstance or that.

These are larger than life over sized prosthetic testicles, not elephantine but big ones in a rubbery scrotum looking container you stick them in your pants and attach them to your own private parts.

This device is made with an optional stinging feature that can be turned on or off (AAA battery powered) You set the time interval and say ever 20 minutes you feel an irritating sting between your legs that reminds you that you have some big ones.

Empowered with big ones you might go ahead and say whatever you like whenever you like.

These could also facilitate asking for dates or approaching your boss for a raise.

vfrackis, Oct 02 2009


       There's just so much wrong with this idea, so much wrong. It's a good thing I'm not in one of my extreme ethics moods so I laughed+.
zeno, Oct 03 2009

       I keep trying to anno this and getting stuck in a "Basic Instincts" moment.... no.... just... no.... well... maybe if they clanked and/or gave a piezo lightshow or something.... wait... no.... if you're a girl what do you attach the... look, just no.
FlyingToaster, Oct 03 2009

       What could be unethical or wrong with this? It's no different than putting a knot in your handkerchief to help your memory. Certainly no less ethical than women surgically implanting balloons into their breasts.
vincevincevince, Oct 03 2009

       okay [+] but they have to clank.... and for women-only (there'd be technical difficulties with men wearing them)
FlyingToaster, Oct 04 2009


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