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Swiss-Army Codpiece

One size fits all?
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The demise of the codpiece in the late-middle ages, marked the death-nell for male fashion.

I propose the following solution - resurrect the codpiece, updating it for modern living. Enter, the Swiss-Army codpiece... This device would provide multiple-functionality and surgical precision of the Swiss, as well as being ultimate fashion accessory.

The final product would likely be teflon-coated, telescopic and hypoallergenic. However, with a universal attachment socket (i.e. plug and play) the range of possible accessories appear endless...

Cup-holder, Tyre-pressure gauge, A discrete GPS Aerial, USB Hub, Coin dispenser

even personalised options...

Cigar cutter (e.g. Clinton), Toothpick (e.g. Monica),


The sports-utility version would doubltless, be bigger, and offer additional shock absorbing qualities...

riposte, Mar 30 2001

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[riposte, Mar 30 2001]

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[mrthingy, Jul 18 2002]


       I am not sure that this is sufficiently different to the other codpiece articles - consider this half-baked...
riposte, Mar 30 2001

       Codpieces have been used a lot in UK mediaeval life recreation circles. Each year they open a particular manor house and people re-renacts the various functions, role-playing the status quo of the house for visiting schoolchildren. Obviously the codpiece is both a fashion statement and makes a claim that can be (ahem) tested by suspicious female cast members.   

       As far as extra devices go something to hold public transport tickets when you run out of hands would be useful.
Aristotle, Mar 30 2001

       I'm not at all sure I'm comfortable with "surgical precision" appearing in the same thought as "codpiece."
beauxeault, Mar 30 2001

       I'm not comfortable with "Swiss" appearing in the same sentence as "ultimate fashion accessory".
hippo, Mar 30 2001

       ..and I definitely don't want to consider the possible consequences of the cigar-cutter option.
DrBob, Mar 30 2001

       I say 'yes' because it's silly and made me laugh!
lilacbuttons, Jul 17 2002


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