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Christmas Codpiece

Deck the balls with prows of holly
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I propose bringing back codpieces for the festive season.

What better way to liven up the work christmas party than with one of these babies...

Multiple varieties to choose from:

- Santa hat, complete with fuzzy pompom
- Rudolph with blinking nose
- Snowman with jaunty carrot
- Christmas tree with tinsel and fairy lights

Bells on all of them of course.

Nearly forgot, this one's dedicated to po.
Sorry 'bout that po, one other idea I came up with was baked and the other involved karaoke.

madradish, Dec 05 2002

(?) A weird comic that I found from Google (number 11) http://www.geocitie...d_box_in_the_attic/
Somehow Santa with a codpiece is just wrong. Wouldn't it hurt when he got stuck in the chimney? (edit: changed link to directory page, hopefully more accessible now (ta Rods)) [madradish, Oct 04 2004]

Deck the balls http://frozeninfire.com/signs/Image26.jpg
[thumbwax, Oct 04 2004]

(?) reminded me of this for some reason - does "jobs worth" mean the same world wide? http://www.tallship...ling_golfballs.html
[po, Oct 04 2004]


       Since your idea is still in development here, [madradish], I 'd like to make you a proposal. Your "Deck the halls with prows of holly" line would really be so much better received over on my "Santa Cruise" idea. How would it be if we made a trade? I'll take "prows of holly" for a croissant today and two quips to be determined in the future? Fair? I'll even toss in a fruitcake and a couple of egg nogs, just to sweeten the offer.
jurist, Dec 05 2002

       My dear jurist, development is complete. You may borrow the quip if you duly acknowledge the source. I'm not sure where the balls come in though...I'm not sure if I want to either <g>.
madradish, Dec 05 2002

       I caught the fruitcake before it crushed your foot, madradish - So, I figure that's worth oh, 2 croissants in its elf
thumbwax, Dec 05 2002

       Geez, you're a tough trader, [madradish]. My error, I guess, or perhaps it was just because you were still raising the structure, but I could have sworn it said "Deck the Halls", not "deck the balls"...I'm slinking back to my developer's trailer now.
jurist, Dec 05 2002

       [Madradish] surely that comic doesn't hit your average Sunday funny papers. If so, I may have to totally revise the wholesome impression I have of Australia and the Antipodes. In fact, I think you just turned my entire global concept upside down.
jurist, Dec 05 2002

       Nyet. I found it when googling the idea prior to posting (can't be too careful). About the worst we get in the papers down here is Dilbert.
madradish, Dec 05 2002

       so a po-piece eh? thanks(I think?) [sweet ma(i)d]
I keep thinking that codpieces went under the trousers - am I wrong?
po, Dec 05 2002

       Commingle bells,
Intermingle bells,
Mingle, swing and sway.
Oh what fun it is to wear
a codpiece Christmas Day!
FarmerJohn, Dec 05 2002

       Codpiece be with you. And also with you.
EvilHomer, Dec 05 2002

       Hark! The codpiece, it doth swing...
Pharaoh Mobius, Dec 06 2002

       Eldridge Cleaver, a few years before he died, tried marketing trousers with codpieces. They were a flop. [pun intended]
mitcheroo, Oct 15 2003


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