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Candy Safety Tether

Cloth or mesh bag contains candy attached to string tied around your finger or elsewhere.
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A simple device to protect oneself from the hazard of choking on hard candies. If a hard candy slips down the windpipe and lodges inside the airway can be fatally blocked. By placing hard candies inside the cloth or mesh bag, and inserting this into your mouth, the candy will dissolve with similar sweet effect. The tether attached to the cloth bag keeps the candy from being smallowed* prematurely, or more dangerously inhaled. This is useful for running while simultaneously sucking on hard candies, when heavy breathing poses a risk for example.


rcarty, Jan 09 2014



       You just think you're so fuckin' funny, doncha boyo. Well, have a bone.   

       WAS gonna bun this idea, FWIW.
ytk, Jan 09 2014

       Picky, picky, picky. Give the poor crazy bastard his bun; for all we know the 'ety' morphed into an acid dragon and he dropped his smartphone to the ground in the middle of Central Park, frantically pointing at the towering beast and screaming "Kill it, kill it with fire!"   

       Here's my unconditioned bun, [rcarts].
Alterother, Jan 09 2014

       No can do. I was born a discursive regulationist, I was raised a discursive regulationist, and I'm gonna die a discursive regulationist.
ytk, Jan 09 2014

       What Quest said. Sucking on netting, well sucks, I would think.
blissmiss, Jan 09 2014

       yeah, you could swallow or choke on the tether which could be much worse, as cloth does not dissolve as the hard candy would.
xandram, Jan 09 2014

       Well, use liquorish to make the mesh.
not_morrison_rm, Jan 12 2014

       I thought this would be a tether attached to your waist to keep you a safe distance away from the sweeties.
pocmloc, Jan 12 2014


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