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Duct tape Masks

Just what it says
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For handymen who are on the go and forget their cotton masks. Just slap on your silver duct tape, across the bottom half of your face, (loosely over the facial hair, guys), and be on your way.
blissmiss, Nov 05 2020

This guy https://en.wikipedi...oberts_(journalist)
Just slap some silver duct tape across his mouth, and you'll see the resemblance. [blissmiss, Nov 06 2020]


       A person of the male persuasion has upset you, haven't they ? You normally keep your evil, sadistic streak under better control.   

       Quite why you bother is a mystery, as you clearly have a talent for it, and some women have become both wealthy and powerful by treating men exceedingly badly.   

       Or though on reflection that seems more like "Standard Operational Procedure" ....
8th of 7, Nov 05 2020

       I think this is excellent. The masks could be stored like individual slices of cheese with a protective backing that must be peeled off before the mask is stuck to the face.
xenzag, Nov 05 2020

       You may have accidentally discovered the secret of the Mcdonalds hamburger there ... the bizarre, chewy texture and odd chemical flavour ...   

       Duct tape - yes, now, suddenly, it all starts to make sense.
8th of 7, Nov 06 2020

       8th, watching the President's news conference, "John" the Fox News White House reporter's face mask, looks exactly like my mask. Looks like he grabbed some tape from the lighting guy and slapped it on.   

       He's still talking, check it out.
blissmiss, Nov 06 2020


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