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personal time safe

personal vault with deposit port and time-lock device on the inside
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This personal vault has a port for impulsive deposits and a time lock on the inside that can be set for any time from 6 hours to a year or more. Once the "time-safe" is set for a given time to be locked, only deposit access can be granted before the set time expires, and then only with combination or key. If the owner wanted early access, he would have to see the "time-safe" manufacturer to do so; for a fee of course. This device would allow people a measure of self discipline regarding budgeting of monies and resources and could stimulate positive financial habits such as saving and accruing larger sums of capital.
phasepacket, Dec 10 2000

Here's [phasepacket]s other idea High_20Risk_20Ventures
Perhaps the user fell prey to a high risk venture, or impulsively locked themself in the safe with the time lock set for sometime yet to occur [normzone, Oct 30 2017]


       This might already exist - e.g. in security vans - but a home version would be useful

Also, (belated) welcome to the Halfbakery!
hippo, Oct 30 2017

       [phasepacket] obtained the user account on the same day this idea was posted.   

       [phasepacket] also posted one other idea on that same day, and then was never heard from again.
normzone, Oct 30 2017


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