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Time Safe for Car Keys

Lock your car key in this time safe before a night of boozing
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This product is a small safe large enough to house a car key. It is outfitted with a digital locking mechanism which allows the owner to program the date and time at which it will automatically unlock. The safe is small enough to fit in the owner's pocket, and includes a clip which allows the owner to attach it to his or her keychain.

This product could be sold in liquor stores, to supplement the self discipline of potential drunk drivers.

somewhatindustrious, Jan 05 2010


       It could work if it was robust enough and the drinker was dilligent enough while sober.   

       However ... there would need to be an emergency way to break in if someone set the opening date too far ahead by mistake.
Aristotle, Jan 05 2010

       just leave your keys at home and go out without the car - simples.
po, Jan 05 2010

       Or don't drink yourself stupid.
MikeD, Jan 05 2010

       Or give up alcohol completely.
nineteenthly, Jan 05 2010

       I assumed it was common knowledge that a lot of people make bad decisions when intoxicated. Also, the use of a vehicle is sometimes necessary to reach certain destinations at certain times.
somewhatindustrious, Jan 05 2010

       catch the bus! crickey you're not the sharpest knife in the drawer.
po, Jan 05 2010

       a bicycle is good too.
pocmloc, Jan 05 2010

Reminds me of a time I rode a bicycle home sloshed from a bush party and hit a pothole I didn't see coming. I woke up the next morning about ten feet from the bike, shivering, with a massive hangover and a flat tire.

       Things you only do once.   

       While I'm waiting for the time lock to release, I will have another drink or two.
Jscotty, Jan 06 2010

       It should release the key after a breathalyzer registers a low enough reading. Sure this could be easily bypassed (eg get a sober person to do it), but would take some dishonesty from a person who is presumably honest (since the're using this in the first place).   

       This invention would be useful for a driver after they had got into a drinking situation but while they still had their common sense.
xaviergisz, Jan 06 2010


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