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cube safe

small 5x5 steel cube safe
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this would be a 5x5 steel cube, a little bigger than a rubiks cube, and you could put money in it, gift cards and coins. there will be a keypad on the top and just incase you forgot the password there will be a hidden key hole on the bottom
diamondaces, Dec 09 2008


       For what purpose is this safe?   

       My point being, I could easily post a similar idea, "Cube Safe 2" and call it a 6X6 safe, et cetera etc cetera ad infinitum. Is there something that makes a 5X5 safe special?   

       Lastly, a few hints at clear communication. 1) units -> 5-what X 5 what? feet? inches? angstroms? 2) a cube would be rightfully 5X5X5. Or simply, a 5-m per side cube. You get the idea. 3) "small 5X5" -> this is redundant. It's "small" - whereby you don't specify dimensions, or it's 5X5 - in which case it's small-ness is self-evident. 4) Tell us why this cube safe is special, or at the very least, why you need it.   

       Welcome to the HB by the way.
Custardguts, Dec 09 2008

       what it needs is a whopping great chain attached to your person.
po, Dec 10 2008

       hehe, just steal the whole thing!!
xandram, Dec 10 2008


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