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Cubicle Farm Paintball

capture the flag or hostage rescue in an office environment
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while there are indoor paintball fields, most are limited to the realm of speedball. filled with brightly colored inflatable bunkers, this is an interesting setting for gunfights, but i've found that most strategy involves people with auto firing markers sweeping the field till they run out of ammo. it can be good for building courage under fire, but not much fun for people who prefer a bit of thought in their standard game.

instead of basing the field around inflatable bunkers, i would prefer a field layed out as a standard office cubical farm. this would mean that hallways would allow for unobstructed firing paths down large segments of the field, but players could hide in or behind cubicles, as well as behind watercoolers and potted plants. grenades would be good for clearing individual cubes, but because of the limited space in each, the effects would be contained.

this layout would be best suited to a new type of scenario game, where one team could play the swat team, while the other plays any of a number of different agitators. say a rampaging coworker, or a group of hostages could be held. objectives could include capturing sensitive data and escaping, or rescuing all of the hostages.

because the field would take up nearly an entire floor, the staging area for players could be on a floor above or below the field. cameras could broadcast a live feed to monitors in the staging area, and a recording of the days events could be purchased at the snack bar and equipment rental area.

the swat team would enter the area after the opposing team has situated themselves in the cubes, but the cubes will be arranged so that the elevator can't be camped before they arrive. another method of allowing the swat team in would be a false wall of windows that allows them to burst through candy glass and into the opposite end of the field as the elevator. all glass items in the field will be replaced with candy glass to provide the satisfaction of shooting holes in seemly solid glass panes and windows.

in addition, this idea could apply to buildings like banks and you could either execute or foil a heist.

tcarson, Jul 06 2006


       Have a requirement that real work get done by your team at the same time.
normzone, Jul 06 2006

       One could use paintballs full of invisible ink, to minimize damage to the office.
bungston, Jul 06 2006

       [bungston] this isn't a working office, so little damage can be achieved from paint splatters.
tcarson, Jul 06 2006

       Didn't someone suggest this before?
DrCurry, Jul 06 2006

       i checked and couldn't find anything.
tcarson, Jul 06 2006


       but I do think it would be thankless for the hostages, unless you give them espionage roles and/or tequilla
pigtails_and_ponies, Jul 06 2006

       /this isn't a working office,/ - why not? It would be cheaper. No candy glass, of course, but bursting through panes of glass is overrated. Plus if there were a real pane of glass between you, one could make blowfish at your enemy with impunity.
bungston, Jul 06 2006


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