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Dog simulator

Last resort for desperate dads
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Most people, unlike me, seem to like dogs, but even the pro-dog lobby has to admit that they come with a lot of issues. Millions of dads around the world are being pestered right now by their children (and spouses) for a "puppy", and the usual practical objections fall on deaf ears.

I would like to be able to buy a kit which will let the little darlings understand what life with a canine in the house will really be like. It would consist of dog-smell aerosol which I could spray liberally in the bedrooms, in the kitchen, when dinner is being served, etc; a large quantity of dog hair which could be sprinkled around the house daily, including on the beds and the sofas; a CD with random howls and barks which would be put on at full volume all night, and simulated urine which could be squirted on the floor at random (admittedly tap water would do for this, but you don't have to tell them it isn't real...)

Of course, the need for 'walkies' is always accomompanied by the promise that 'we'll do that - you don't have to worry' - a promise about as believable as anything Goebbels ever came out with, and this would be hard to simulate. However, I may have the solution: the kit includes a subscription to a locker at a suitable distance from home, into which you deposit their allowance on a daily basis (after deducting the cost of food, vets bills etc, which they have also promised they will bear), and if the the box is not opened that day, the money is forfeited.

I realise a lot of you are hating me for saying all this, but tough luck!

semi-panaderos, Aug 01 2003

Dogz http://petz.ubi.com
All the simulation you want, with the smell. [Amos Kito, Oct 04 2004]

Tease Titus http://www.pigtrous...itus/TeaseTitus.htm
More realistic is mine, and yellow to boot - you know? [eehen, Nov 15 2004]

Halfbakery: Ready to Own a Dog? Ready_20to_20Own_20a_20Dog_3f
Same problem, more drastic solution. [jutta, Jan 15 2005]


       Oops...misread that as "Dog Stimulator"...
suctionpad, Aug 01 2003

       <bah humbug> I like it. I wasn't allowed any pets as a child, so I don't see why any of today's kids should get them </bah humbug>
hazel, Aug 01 2003

       I think you might just have listed all the reasons why kids love dogs. (apart from the pocket money thing any way.)   

       add non-stop fecking whining to that list
po, Aug 01 2003

       ...and having to carry around a small plastic bag of dog crap every time you go out for a walk of course.
hippo, Nov 15 2004

       You could apply the same concept to children. But you wouldn't be that heartless would you?
wagster, Jan 15 2005


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