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Means to determine if health harming foe is destroyed

Determine if foe is absent or present by searching for byproducts of foe
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It seems one of the problems in determining if cancer (or fill in the blank with a disease,virus or bacteria of choice) is present or has been destroyed by treatment is to be able to "see" if the foe is alive or not after attacking the foe with the treatments (see the Rife microscope link below, please disreagard the conspiracy stuff). Electron microscopes kill the foe before the the test treatment reaches the foe, so the electron microscope is of no use for this purpose. Could you not look for the presence or absence of trace gases or other wastes exhausted by the foe, instead?
Sunstone, Oct 20 2009

Royal Rife uses heterodyne RF to attack foe http://www.rense.com/health/rife.htm
Optical means to determine if invisible health form is absent of present [Sunstone, Oct 20 2009]

Scapel and spectrometer senses presence of cancer cells via surgical smoke http://www.dailymai...-cells-removed.html
Scalpel that sniffs out cancer and removes tumour cells could boost patient survival rates [Sunstone, Oct 20 2009]

Kanzius machine use RF created heat to attack tumors;precious metals seek out unhealthy tissue http://www.cbsnews....entMain;cbsCarousel
If the spectograph could detect the presence or absence or waste of all foes including cancer this would work if the foe could could be safely gasified [Sunstone, Oct 20 2009]


       nah, all the words in the title are < 10 characters long.
FlyingToaster, Oct 20 2009

       yes. baked.
WcW, Oct 20 2009

       Cancer, viri, and bacteria are seldom detected as such. Mostly the tests look for some secondary hints - as they do in doping control, which is why "must've been that weird accident with the inhaler" still counts as a valid defense in doping trials.   

loonquawl, Oct 20 2009

bungston, Oct 20 2009


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