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business card/thin mint strip packet

business card thin strip packs for conferences
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people talk a lot at conferences, but sometimes their breath smells bad. when you give people your business card, it will contain 5 strips of thin mints. So everytime they reach for a piece of mint, they'll remember your name.
goodmars, Apr 02 2009

http://www.absorben...reath-mints-and-gum [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Apr 02 2009, last modified Apr 03 2009]

customized breath strips... http://www.maplelea...th-Mint-Strips.html
[xandram, Apr 03 2009]

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       This is brilliant. There was always a guy with salami breath at every conference I went to. Now just don't give 'em the salami flavored gum and we will be in great shape. Bravo ++++++
blissmiss, Apr 02 2009

       Very good. Sorta baked a little bit though kinda.   

       Not gum! Thin strips!
goodmars, Apr 02 2009


       I thought the gum thing resembled those trading card packets that little kids buy. That's why I bunned it.
phundug, Apr 03 2009

FlyingToaster, Apr 03 2009

       Well, I was attempting to go for a pragmatic approach: people might carry 20 business cards at a conference, thin strips will be easier to carry than 4sticks of gum for each card. No?
goodmars, Apr 03 2009

       I thought something like a piece of that (horrible) gum you get with baseball cards, stuck to the back.
FlyingToaster, Apr 03 2009

       I thought what phun and Flying did. (Uh oh that's not good is it. Doubly bad...hehehehehehe).
blissmiss, Apr 03 2009

       I understand the mint thing, and I think it's good.+. I don't understand how you're going to communicate to salamiman that he's supposed to use the damn things. Those people can't take hints, only blatant 'chew a piece of gum, man!'.
daseva, Apr 03 2009

       mmm, thin mints.
k_sra, Apr 03 2009

       girl scout cookie business cards possibly?
neo_, Nov 24 2009


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