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ignore stupid "ideas"

maybe they'll go away
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here's an idea: from now on, ignore stupid "ideas", "annotates" (sic), links, etc. don't respond in any way, be it through wise-ass remarks, rebuttals, annotations, links, or whatever. i don't mean to be super-exclusive, but something that isn't even remotley related to this website shouldn't be taking up valuable space on jutta's server. i'm sure she has enough trouble as it is moderating what's already here, so she shouldn't have to go through the added drivel that certain elements are adding to her workload. who's with me on this one?

if i don't see any response, i'll assume that this is a stupid idea and it will be deleted in due time.

p.s. sorry jutta if this isn't in the spirit of the halfbakery, but i for one am fed up with the crap i've been seeing in the last few days. you've go a fine site here, and i hate to see your workload increase because of a couple (and i use the term loosely) of immature people think it's funny to take up valuable web space with their useless drivel. if i'm wrong in saying this, please accept my apology beforehand.

p.p.s. this is not a rant ;o)

mihali, Jun 06 2001

More "life" advice http://www.pfdstudio.com/htl-chapt1.html
[lubbit, Jun 06 2001, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Totally agree. I've been refraining from commenting on some patently stupid posts because I know it would just encourage the poster. We've had this debate before (and I got 'Baked' for - in my naivete - suggesting it), but there *must* be some way.
angel, Jun 06 2001

       I agree that "ignoring is bliss" because unannotated, unlinked ideas so quickly fall to the bottom of the barrel. Maybe a single [mfd] annotation to help jutta clean up, but to make this work, we must all comply.
beauxeault, Jun 06 2001

       Sounds groovy. I don't know that I'd even grace it with a link to here though... I'd say a few concise "[mfd]?" annotations would be good enough.
PotatoStew, Jun 06 2001

       Also in the same series by mihali:   

       Breathe air regularly. Stop when it hurts. Buy low and sell high.   

       Or is that buy high sell low, I can never remember the rule.
lubbit, Jun 06 2001

       Agreed, agreed. It's difficult to forego the opportunity for a crushing comment, however, as one suspects that some people might confuse chastity with impotence. But yes, from where the sun now stands I will respond to idiots no more forever.   

       (I snagged the "chastity/impotence" bit from the radio--wish I'd thought of it myself.)
Dog Ed, Jun 06 2001

       A while back we had a discussion similar to this and PeterSealy made an interesting observation: he mentioned that the authors of unfavorable ideas usually dump a load over a few days and then disappear.   


       I already ignore ideas I'm not feeling, but I've seen that they don't really go away, the authors do...and then appear in a different form. The problem has become that there are more and more silly users dumping their loads.
iuvare, Jun 07 2001

       Currently, one of the worst ideas the halfbakery has seen continues to pop up on the recent list because one of the catcalls mentioned an interesting topic, which has now become the focus of more legitimate discussions. But the idea keeps getting air time even though it has nothing to do with the current topic.   

       Yet another reason to ignore them from the start.
beauxeault, Jun 08 2001

       Sorry, I thought it said 'egnor stupid ideas' , which I think he does a pretty good job at.
Agree that annotating, and particularly voting for dumb ideas (even to fishbone them) just encourages bad posters.
goff, Jun 11 2001

       I'm generally in agreement here. Crap such as 'Vagina Jam' needs a turd rather than a fishbone but I do get a great deal of fun out of ideas designed to make halfbakers laugh. Although I'm a relatively new loaf on the board, I would hate this site to become elitist nonsense for elitist halfbakers, because then it simply gets.... pardon the pun...... stale. You simply end up with the same old bakers kicking around old ideas and opinions. Some mechanism for easily giving the obnoxious bakers the shove would be good.
Ivy, Jun 11 2001

       I think "Vagina Jam" was silly, but not offensive. Why is it that in a site full of references to new methods of killing, urine and feces nothing quite provokes people like a calm, quirky idea that mentions female genitalia?
ping, Jun 11 2001

       If I remember correctly, it wasn't the mention of the anatomy that was the bad part, but rather the combined appearance, use, and association of the product. I think there have been a few feces related ideas that provoked people as well (wasn't there a feces pieces?). Something about using things as food products that really shouldn't be used as food products.
PotatoStew, Jun 11 2001

       Right. But (discounting for the hairs), benfrost says he kinda likes the taste. That seems to be a fairly common thing. I think the market of coprophiliacs is much, much smaller, and the poster of most of the ideas found in Foods: Ha-Ha Dangerous was just trying to gross people out. I mean, benfrost might not be your particular can of beans, but he's not ... evil or anything.
ping, Jun 11 2001

       Oh, I'm sure he isn't. Did someone say he was? I haven't been back to read that particular idea in awhile. That's a pretty big jump to go from "bad idea" to "evil person". I wouldn't want to assume that about even the poster of the HaHa:Dangerous ideas.
PotatoStew, Jun 11 2001

       I think we should have a new sign that we can vote for to indicate that the idea isn't even half-baked. I would suggest that we take a leaf out of Homer Simpson's book and just give it a "Dough!!!" (a small blob of unbaked dough would be a could representation...)
goff, Jun 12 2001

       mephista, ping, ivy, PotatoStew and others...Rods Tiger eloquently explained the distinction between "good/bad" or "offensive/acceptable" ideas in his annotation to VOTES OUT; RATINGS IN. He says:   

       //I don't think (in my opinion) that there is such a thing as a bad idea. There are pretty shallow ideas, with virtually zero idea content in there, there are things that simply aren't ideas, and are therefore not appropriate, but once we're at the stage where an idea is voiced, any further subjectivity is simply that - it only serves to show how you, the reader, responds or reacts to said idea. It doesn't affect the idea itself. This is highlighted in two arenas that spring to mind - offensive ideas, and provocative ideas. Neither of them could be classed as 'good' or 'bad' any more than any other idea could be, but your perception of where they fit into your life will steer your sense of appropriateness. Not all ideas are for everybody. Some are specialised, some are hardly of any use at all. Some may be useless presently, but flower in the future. Some may be useless to you, but ideal for someone out there. Some may simply need further development.   

       It's the latter path, that I prefer to give everything the benefit of the doubt to. Personally, I'm not big on jeering a distasteful or weak idea down - I'm more inclined to turn it around a bit, if I can, using the secret weapon of relevancy. After all, who's the creative one? The person who leaves a turd, or the person who turns it into something useful, like manure? Well, strictly speaking, both were.// RODS TIGER
iuvare, Jun 12 2001

       iuvare Re: RodsT Point taken but I would hate for this site to become a outlet for every sickboy/girl with little imagination and nothing to say except filth. Like many of us I have mucky depths which I can dredge up when necessary and I am not easily shocked, but this site is a vehicle for creative minds and it encourages the prospective baker to think; that's why I joined it. I'm not up for censorship unless someone gets really vile and I can always make my point through annotations. I'm in the hands of the moderators.
Ivy, Jun 18 2001

       "Crap such as 'Vagina Jam' needs a turd... " - ivy june 11 2001.   

       Hmm, yes an interesting packaging idea - I'll try to incorporate it in a sandwhich spread range.   

       Maybe you could eat it Ivy?
benfrost, Jun 18 2001

       Mmmmm! My favourite! I'll take a 20% royalty.
Ivy, Jun 19 2001

       Peter, as always the main man. were you Solomon in a past incarnation?
po, Jan 10 2002

       Hey - jutta wants to get rid of the [m-f-d]. How about a special section here called "Why your Idea is Bad/Stupid/Whatever." In that section, there can be individual pages explaining common stupidities, etc. Then, instead of doing an MFD or ranting against the poster, you just vote and add a link to the "Why your Idea . ." page that you think is most appropriate.

Since the pages would be just like all of the idea postings, we would all be able to add our own input.

And instead of an [m-f-d] that has to be inserted by a baker, which only produces a response to the idiot, why not add a link to an MFD page? That way, if jutta wants to do maintenance, all she has to do is search for all pages that link to the MFD page.
quarterbaker, Jan 10 2002

       Peter Porkchop paid no heed to purile posters   

       Productive participation was his plead   

       Pet sex toys and buzzsaw dentures   

       Progressive prototypes are what we need.
notripe, Jan 10 2002

       arf! beautifully done.
notripe, Jan 10 2002

       Perhaps we should just begin linking all stupid "ideas" to this idea. Maybe the creators will get the hint.
mighty_cheese, Jan 11 2002

       Why would anyone want to ignore stupid ideas? I make it a point to ignore the serious ones.
benfrost, Jan 11 2002

po, Jan 12 2002

       please do not feed the trolls.
mihali, Jul 05 2002

       it seems the only real solution (and the least time/energy intensive one) would be to simply ignore postings you find annoying. let it go, man, let it go...
miss fern, Jul 07 2002

       I'm catching on.
dentworth, Apr 29 2004

       I am for this idea and yet against it. Sure, its nice to have a good idea handed to you, but by seeing stupid stuuf like this, people learn from it and also start to make better things out it.
Spider7, Apr 29 2004

zen_tom, Jun 10 2006


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