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virtual dragon boat

dragon boat simulator
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simulator of racing a dragon boat festival
sukiyaki, Oct 20 2008

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       sorta baked unless you want to add details or make it a video game or something.   

       Search for dragon boat simulator. (ps) not my autobone.   

       Sounds like it could be a good rhythm style game in the style of Guitar Hero, since Dragon Boating is all about timing, and maximum exertion at the right time.   

       A simulator would put a premium on listening to the coach and getting your strokes timed right.   

       If the races took place in highly detailed places for the feeling of immersion, and also in fantasy places like lakes of lava and such, it could be good, albeit for a limited audience.   

       To complete the realism have someone splash the back of your head with water every 10th stroke to accurately simulate the noob paddling behind you.   

       [+] if I am on your unwritten wavelength
Giblet, Oct 20 2008

       throw in simulated enviroments like mars, fhloston etc.
sukiyaki, Oct 20 2008

       //to complete the realism...//
Aren't Dragon Boats paddlers (not rowers)?
FlyingToaster, Oct 21 2008


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