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Busy Buzzer

alerts you to check reminders /messages
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Each area of your home/area has a signal that is picked up by your pager. When you think of something you want to remember to do in a certain area of your home, you set a reminder with a tip. If neccesary it has an option to leave a short voice message. When you enter that area the signal causes your pager to alert you to check for reminders/tips.

I've heard plenty of people, other than myself, ask, " what did I come in here for?", or state "I was just there and forgot to get the ...", usually happens when a person is very busy. Also, it could save a lot of time for people who live in a big area. It could save you another trip to the north forty.

oyea6, Jul 20 2004


       That, or stop drinking so much :P   

NeoPiter, Jul 20 2004

       Post-it notes are cheaper...
phoenix, Jul 20 2004

       How would that work? Write the note and go post it in the area I want to be reminded of something? Or just stick it to my shirt till later? Got a pin?
oyea6, Jul 20 2004


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