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Handwriting on the Wall TODO list

Mene, mene tekel empty the dustbin
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(Inspired by [swimswim]'s Voice of God To-Do List.)

The top few items on your TODO list projected on a wall of your dwelling. The idea is, it would be a constant, silent reproach, hard to ignore. Eventually, you'd perform the task just to get rid of the damn thing. Or to avoid having guests see "Buy hemorrhoid cream" on the living room wall.

Those with nagging spouses or partners may believe they don't need this, but think: isn't your anger better directed at an inanimate object than at someone with feelings*.

*Optionally, for "feelings" substitute "ability to retaliate."

mouseposture, Jun 12 2010

Voice of God To-Do List idea by [swimswim] [pashute, Sep 10 2022]

guide the neighbors https://www.youtube.../shorts/6ioXV6Fkof8
[Voice, Sep 10 2022]


       A notice on your front door like "Rake the leaves" or "Shovel the walks" might also guide the neighbors.   

       "Buy hemorrhoid cream" might run the drug sore out of the stuff.
popbottle, Sep 10 2013

       // drug sore //   

       Now there's a Freudian slip if ever we saw one …   

       Or it could just be innuendo …
8th of 7, Sep 10 2013


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