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Did I take my pills?

Extremely simple reminder device
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As I look around my bathroom sink in the morning, half- asleep, I see my toothbrush and toothpaste, deodorant, allergy medicine and vitamin, and razor and shaving cream. I work my way around the counter performing each task, but on some mornings when I'm particularly low on sleep, I start second-guessing myself. Did I already brush my teeth? Yeah, my mouth tastes like toothpaste. Did I already put on deodorant? Yes, my armpits are slimy. The hardest task to comprehend is whether I've taken my pills. The sink could be wet from brushing my teeth, or I could be juggling a memory of having taken them yesterday.

Proposed is an extremely simple device placed on a bathroom counter next to whatever task is to be remembered. It would be about the size of a baseball or perhaps half the size of a coffee cup. It would have a large button on the top, designed to be very rugged. Upon completing whatever task associated with the device, the button on the top would be pushed once. The device will illuminate for an hour and automatically shut off, ready for use the next morning.

(...or I could get more sleep)

kevinthenerd, Jul 03 2013

pill reminders https://www.google....UUYP7FM-x4AOb4IHgDQ
[xandram, Jul 03 2013]


       Is there something to remind you to push the button?
xenzag, Jul 03 2013

       //Did I take my pills?   

       Possibly not...
not_morrison_rm, Jul 03 2013

       Another approach in the line of the description:   

       // Did I already brush my teeth? Yeah, my mouth tastes like toothpaste //   

       Did I already take my pills ? Yes, I still perceive the distinctive, long duration [mint | lemmon | cherry | banana | other ] taste of my pills.
piluso, Jul 03 2013

       ultrasound scan?
not_morrison_rm, Jul 03 2013

       Motion sensor built into the pill bottle, keeps track of when it was last inverted?
phundug, Jul 03 2013

       Did I push the button?
nomocrow, Jul 03 2013

       [phundug] Put the motion sensor on something that will clamp to your bottle.
nomocrow, Jul 03 2013

       Pill container with programmable time lock?
cudgel, Jul 03 2013

       I hate to bust your blister pack, but pill organizers exists for this very purpose. Did [The Alterother] take his bedtime pills? The Wednesday Bedtime compartment is empty, so yes, he took his bedtime pills.   

       Is [The Alterother] in bed? No...
Alterother, Jul 04 2013

       hmmm, the pills themselves need to remind you.   

       They come in a weekly pack that when opened begins a bacterial reaction causing the pills to scale through the spectrum from yellow/Monday to purple/Sunday. You just then have to remember which color corresponds to which day of the week, and to open a new pack on purple night.   

       Would that make today greenish-bluish day?
Alterother, Jul 04 2013

       pills should incorporate an addictive substance which withdrawal symptoms are timed to the next scheduled pill popping.
FlyingToaster, Jul 04 2013

pashute, Jul 04 2013

       Let the pill bottle weigh down the switch.
RayfordSteele, Jul 05 2013


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