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Remote To Do Alarms

Decentralize your chore list
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Timers with alarms that can be located in strategic places to help you get things done. For instance, if you want to change the cat litter every 5 days, stick one of these alarms near the litter box in the basement and set it for 5 days. In five days an alarm will go off reminding you to change the litter. You can set the alarm to ring an ignorable once an hour for your less urgent needs or bump it up to a constant "must turn off now" annoying alarm for things you do not want to let slide. Having the alarm at the place of need, encourages you to attend to the issue since you are already there shutting off the damn alarm. Set them on all your trash cans in the house the day before trash day, put them on the vacuum or the broom, or in the linen closet to remind you to change the sheets. Attach one to your keys to help remind you to drive to work AND to help find your keys in the morning.

Proximity alarms: Two alarms that can only be shut off by touching them together. Put one on the laundry basket and one in the laundry room.

blahginger, Jan 21 2004


       Bluetooth controlled electric cattle prod? Keep it in your pocket and it starts prodding you when its time to milk the cow. The cow carries an RFID tag and the prod turns off when you get close enough so it senses the RFID tag. - Don't know if you can ignore a cattle prod though.
kbecker, Jan 21 2004


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