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A Reusable Reminder List
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This is a thin plastic card with 20 switches on it which can be snapped into "off" and "on" position. Each switch represents one recurring household task, like this:

[*____] (Clean Windows)
[____*] (Laundry)
[____*] (Buy paper towels)
[*____] (Clean Stove)
[____*] (Get haircut)
[*____] (Back up computer)
[*____] (Read electric meter)

For example, the person above has to do his laundry and buy paper towels, and needs a haircut.

The ChoreSnapper comes with 50 pre-made plastic labels plus 20 blank ones. You can choose what order to arrange them on the card.

Save paper! How many times have you written yourself the same note to do x, y, or z chore, then thrown out the paper when you're done?

Crossed out scribbles on a notepad don't look good and eventually lead to lists spanning multiple sheets of paper. But the ChoreSnapper lets you keep your chore list on one easy-to-read panel. You'll never forget a household chore again!

Also look for our other products:

FamilySnapper (TM) has multiple positions for each switch so you can assign different tasks to different members of the family!

ShoppingSnapper (TM) is a pocket sized shopping list with switches for all the common items families need. Best of all, no need to bring a pencil with you to cross out items as you buy them; just snap the item to the off position and you're done!

phundug, Mar 02 2006


       I have been thinking about printing up a pad with our common household shopping needs and checkboxes, to post on the fridge so it can be filled in during the week as things get low or run out. I think paper is easier for a shopping list than a plastic gizmo, but I think your idea works fine for household chores.
DrCurry, Mar 02 2006

       FamilySlider (TM) containing labels marked
A must for newlyweds everywhere!
zen_tom, Mar 02 2006

       //[___*](boy)[*___](girl)// Why is the girl in the afore mentioned "off" position?   

jellydoughnut, Mar 03 2006


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