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Voice of God To-Do List

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With the VoG system installed in your home, let God remind your spouse or children (or you, if that's your thing) of those little things that need to get done over the weekend. Simply input the list of tasks into the VoG digital interface, and delete any old tasks that have been completed. Then, whenever specific actions are sensed (t.v. turned on, etc), a crash of thunder is heard; smoke bellows from the ventilation ducts; the lights flicker; and in a booming, echoing voice:
"Thou shalt fix the faucet that leaketh!"
"Thou shalt clip the hedge that overgroweth!"
swimswim, Jun 07 2010

Who said those leaves aren't going to clear themselves out of the gutter? Gutter_20snipe
God? We don' need no steenkin' God.. [coprocephalous, Jun 07 2010]

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       beats the little whiny voice on the play back gadget
dentworth, Jun 07 2010

       What happened to the still, small voice?
pertinax, Jun 07 2010

       I'm an atheist, so this wouldn't work for me.
coprocephalous, Jun 07 2010

       you'll need the "Voice of Richard Dawkins" model then
hippo, Jun 07 2010

       // this wouldn't work for me. //   

       It might, if it was accompanied by lightning bolts ...   

       What would the Buddhist version sound like ?
8th of 7, Jun 07 2010

       //What happened to the still, small voice?// It started moving and got bigger.
xenzag, Jun 07 2010

       Some noodles that reach out from the heating vents would be good.
RayfordSteele, Jun 07 2010

       //I'm an atheist, so this wouldn't work for me//   

       I don't understand this line of dissent. As a themed digital reminder program, why does it matter if the theme is god or super mario bros? You wouldn't have to believe in anthropomorphic mushrooms for the smb version to remind you, so why do you have to believe in god for this one to remind you?
swimswim, Jun 07 2010

       What if you don't believe in to-do lists? I don't mean that as a flippant comment — rather I am referring to the idea that there is no real necessity to actually get specific things done according to a schedule.
pocmloc, Jun 07 2010

       No flippancy felt. And that is certainly an understandable line of dissent. But schedule or no, those leaves aren't going to clean themselves out of the gutter.
swimswim, Jun 07 2010

       This wouldn't work for me either, for the following reasons:   

       o The reason those jobs don't get done around my house isn't that I've forgotten about them, or that I don't have enough reminders.   

       o The only person in my household with enough interest in the technology is me, so I'd know that it wasn't really God, but some digitally voiced reminder system.   

       o I have loads of unfinished (and plenty of unstarted) jobs around the house, most of which are not noted in any todo list sytem, let along the VoG one suggested. I therefore have a ready line in valid excuses; "I can't fit the bath panel yet, the walls need painting beforehand."   

       o Having the suggested system triggered by non-todo list activities, such as turning the TV on, or taking a beer out of the fridge is one thing, but the list of trigger events may need to be very long, and a list of exceptions would also need to be referenced: Trigger = turning the TV on... Exceptions = less than 20 minutes before needing to leave for work, current time is later than 10PM. Trigger = taking a beer from the fridge. Exception = It's sunny outside. (Don't forget I'm the one filling both lists).   

       Notwithstanding all of the above, I like the idea. I can imagine taking a beer from the fridge and turning on the TV and settling down to watch the Grand Prix and feeling ever so smug knowing that I can ignore the digital VoG safe in the knowledge that I'm not going to get hit by a bolt of lightning.
Tulaine, Jun 07 2010

       //schedule or no, those leaves aren't going to clean themselves out of the gutter.// They'll wash out in the next big storm. And if they don't, the gutter will overflow. No problem.
pocmloc, Jun 07 2010

       Thou shalt repaint the exterior of the house that was made ruined by the gutter that overflowethed!
swimswim, Jun 07 2010

       Make sure you use good quality thick paint, too - don't water it down, lest the VoG speak unto you, saying, "Repaint ! Repaint ! And go thou, and thin no more !" ...
8th of 7, Jun 07 2010

       Aren't there security systems that use the VoG system?
ldischler, Jun 09 2010


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