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Paper Towel Reminder

Print the brand of the paper towel on the cardboard roll.
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First, this is my roommate's idea. Ok - Some paper towels are horrible little scraps of instantly-disinigrating wood pulp, while others are thick and thirsty...but I can never remember which brands are which. The idea is for paper towel companies to print their brand name on the cardboard tube in the center of the roll, so when I run out I know what brand to buy instead of standing in the store asking, "Was it Bounty or Brawny?"
dana_renay, Feb 04 2002

This came to mind... http://www.halfbake...20labels#1012518179
Similar in that you are left with the name of the product when you've finished the contents. [Helium, Feb 05 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Also, what about having the 10th-to-last sheet printed with a reminder, "Time to make sure you have/get more paper towels"? Because I just never think about it until I am down to that last pathetic scrap of paper towel.
magrak, Jun 09 2002

       Every sheet could badger you to buy another roll, with mounting hysteria.   

       "Remember, it's never too early to pick up a backup roll."   

       "Did you know Bounty-brand towels were originally a Nazi engineering effort?"   

       "You know, when you're at half the thickness you've actually used up much more than half the roll."   

       "Dammit! Buy more towels."
Monkfish, Jun 11 2002

       Or, the towels could start out thin and cheap and get thicker as the roll progresses. That way, by the time the customer gets to the end and is wondering whether they liked the brand -- name printed on the cardboard tube, of course -- they would be convinced they were nice, thick paper towels.
magrak, Jun 11 2002

       Number the sheets in a down-counting sequence. Then you always know how many there are left.   

       Same with tissues in boxes.
8th of 7, Jun 13 2002

       <obligory> "1008 sheet of paper on the roll, take one of and pass it around, 1007 sheets of paper on the roll..." <obligory>
my-nep, Jan 03 2004


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