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Chili-specific pepper spray.

AAHHHHH! is that Poblano?
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"Hot Pepper!" is so 1980. Now, discerning consumers want to know the specific pepper type, not just that it is hot. Would this not also be true for discerning consumers of pepper spray? BUNGCO is past the rhetoric: it would also be true!

Introducing Pepper-specific Chili spray. Reduce the intensity of your attacker with a fire-roasted anaheim spray, or a smoky, earthy Chipotle. Stop that attack and leave it stopped with a jalapeno spray with a fast start and a lingering, painful, piquant finish. Let your attackers know you mean business with a hit of Habanero or Wasabi. Or sweetly dissuade with a squirt of Sweet Red Bell Pepper Spray. Mix and match with a double fisted spray technique. The nonlethal possibilities are limitless!

Comes in packs of 6 different sprays. Order in time for Christmas and receive a 7th bonus Yule Menthol spray.

bungston, Jun 25 2008

Scoville Scale http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Scoville_scale
Grading pepper heat [Jinbish, Jun 26 2008]


       Boutique pepper spray? Do you buy it at Maceys?
phoenix, Jun 25 2008

       It's always nice to know that your attack has been thwarted by a connoisseur.
gnomethang, Jun 25 2008

       I could have used any blend, this morning, after being chased on my bicycle by 4 or 5 dogs. I'd like a system permanently piped to the front wheel bearing; spraying left and right. F'kin things needed a good hard lesson.
Ling, Jun 26 2008


       Next from BungCo: Designer Ammunition.
8th of 7, Jun 26 2008

       Woudnae, wirk on the lass's, cayenne?
4whom, Jun 26 2008

       + This idea is hot, it's so halfbakeryish!!
xandram, Jun 26 2008

       Damn this super-expensive, style-over-substance, totally inept vanilla spray!   

Jinbish, Jun 26 2008


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