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Radioactive Pepper Spray

Radioactive spray helps you track them down
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Pepper spray is all well and good, but does nothing to subdue the baddie. He tries to assault you, you spray him, he runs away. He'll just assault someone else another day. But if that pepper spray was radioactive then you could call the police and they could use satellites or helicopters with special cameras to find the culprit.

The spray bottle would be lead-lined, of course.

DeathNinja, Sep 19 2003


       Or just ink and have police stake out all of the neighborhood cleaners.
Worldgineer, Sep 19 2003

       And this was fishboned why? I think every human should have radioactive hairspray. +
sartep, Sep 22 2003

       Wouldn't spraying radioactive material into someone's eyes kinda be, oh i don't know, deadly?
Mind_Boggle, Sep 22 2003

       That's a real stumper, [MindBugle].
k_sra, Sep 24 2003

       nah not deadly - Ihad the surface of my eye cut, and they put this radioactive dye in it to find the cut....then they stuck some wierd cream in my eye....not pleasant....but hey
Half-life below 40yrs, Nov 24 2006

       [Half]: I'm pretty sure they would have used a (can't remember the proper term) UV reactive fluid, then used a lamp with high UV output to show up the cut. That's what they did for me.   

       Anyhoo, I give this idea a big stinky fish carcass. Many many people get unlawfully and unjustly assaulted with mace and capscillin {sp} sprays every year. Whilst it's totally fair to give people a self defence measure (such as mace) whose affects are effecticely reversible, I don't think it's a good idea to go handing out carcinogenic sprays. As soon as people have access to devices such as this they will get drunk, angry or simply irrational and use them in the wrong circumstances. I don't want cancer of the eyeball just 'cause some silly bint thinks I'm a prick for being bigger than her and offering to help her change her tyre on the side of the road. Whereas if I had actually assualted her, well then spray away.   

       Might I suggest a powerfully indellible ink be included in the spray instead. You could have several (perhaps many) different colours or chemically identifiable compounds available, which you would register upon purchase of the spray. If an incident occors and ypu need to discharge onto some assailant, simply then report that a guy with description x was sprayed with mace with identification compound Y. The cops get the word out to look out for someone stained with purple ink, matching the description.   

       I would suggest anyone who was lawfully sprayed with the mace would be required to call it in as soon as it happens.   

       The attacker wouldn't be able to go out into society for a very long period.   

       just my 2c
Custardguts, Nov 24 2006


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