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Pepper Spray Camera

Pepper Spray with built-in camera
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A picture is taken as soon as the button is pressed to spray your attacker. It could be a one-exposure disposable camera/pepper spray. Or even better, digital. This could assist the police in finding the criminal. It would have to snap the picture an instant before spraying, I'm sure the spray would interfere with the picture. Although a picture mid-spray might be more entertaining.
Gerad, Sep 09 2005

Happy slapping? http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Happy_slapping
[normzone, Apr 25 2009]


       I'm sure the "happyslappers" here in the UK would enjoy this.They could now not only beat their victims and take a photo on their mobile phone to share, they could spray pepper into peoples faces and share that photo as well.   

       I'm sure your intentions are good ones(whether spraying anything at anyone is good, I don't know)however these devices usually fall within the wrong hands.
skinflaps, Sep 09 2005

       (re: fear of happyslappers) You can't design to the lowest common denominator, or nothing would get done. I think this is a great idea. Design cameras into any personal safety device - digital cameras are cheap enough these days.
Worldgineer, Sep 09 2005

       A subway flasher was caught on camera recently due to the prevalence of cell phone cameras (and his face splashed all over the tabloids). Anything that helps identify criminals get my croissant.
DrCurry, Sep 09 2005

       not just his face!
po, Sep 09 2005

       Good idea. Patent it. Just don't get confused and snap a picture of Aunt Mamie with this.
crater, Sep 09 2005

       Take the picture after, not before.   

       With a 2 second delay from when you pressed the button, power the electronics, take the picture, then spray:   

       The only target you would hit is a snail.   

       So, you'd really have to take the picture after. In which case, you could have a separate button.
sophocles, Sep 09 2005

       I think this really calls for a before, during and after shot.
"Say cheeEEse."

       MaceHornCam would be fantastic.
kamathln, Apr 25 2009

       (link) Wow.   

       Well, I often give pepper spray dispensers as gifts to people I care about.   

       Nobody has ever had to use one yet, but if you know my halfbaked self at all, you know that I believe in people being able and allowed to defend themselves.   

       They range from the $15 USD shortrange units to $40 USD two-shot longrange dispensers.   

       The camera is a valid addition, but it should do a splitscreen so that both the shooter and the shootee are filmed.   

       Way back before pepper spray, eighties, I believe, for a civilian in California to obtain mace, the predecessor to pepper spray, you had to take a training course.   

       The only level of exposure to the stuff they required was to take a q-tip and rub it on your cheek. I cried out of one eye for an hour, with my head under the bathtub faucet.
normzone, Apr 25 2009

       This Idea widens to any situation that needs a black box type memory recall.
wjt, Apr 26 2009


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