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pepper spray pocket knife

pepper spray and pocket knife in one
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a unit consisting of pepper spray and pocket knife. maybe a whistle too (and a bell). for self defense only, of course.
IcarusByNight, Aug 28 2005


       And how is that an advantage?   

       Per Intolerable Cruelty, I have visions of you trying to blow the whistle and getting a mouthful of Mace instead (or maybe slicing your cheek off).
DrCurry, Aug 28 2005

       heh, like I've stated in another idea I am a paranoid bastard so I do carry a small concealable arsenal with me when I go out and two of things I have is a combat knife concealed at the small of my back and pepper spray in my pocket. I'd rather keep them seperate personally.

If confronted by an assailant I can dig in my pocket to give them my car keys and if I'm close enough to my car I can trigger the alarm as a distraction and pull out the pepper spray in the same pocket while reaching for my knife. End result: bleeding peppersprayed badguy attempting to flee the scene.

I even tested this tactic with a friend using training knives, very effected and he wouldn't talk to me for days because of the pepperspray and bruises even though he was wearing protective gear and could 'cry uncle' at any time.
scott_r_uber, Aug 28 2005

       okay, how about a tazer? =)
IcarusByNight, Aug 28 2005

       Sweet username, [IcarusByNight].
bungston, Sep 04 2005

       Could this be integrated into a mobile phone, so that if the pepper spray is deployed, it calls the cops too, and alerts them to your location via the built-in GPS?
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Sep 04 2005

       So the pocket knife is either fairly big (more a combat knife) or the spray fairly small (rather useless).   

       I am not sure whether the court would consider combat-knifing a blinded man self-defense. I would not.
loonquawl, Apr 23 2009


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