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Great Balls Of Fire

lawn sprinkler flame thrower
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Use a lawn sprinkler of the type that usually delivers spurts of water, but connect it to a pressurised supply of napalm. (or similar) At the point where the liquid emerges in pulsed spurts, cause an ignition spark to occur, timed so that individual balls of flaming liquid projectiles shoot out and travel in an arc over a considerable distance.

I have no idea what use this would be apart from being very scary, nasty, dangerous, totally illegal and very destructive.

xenzag, Jan 05 2019

Propane-fuelled Dragon Propane-fuelled_20Dragon
Similar technology [8th of 7, Jan 07 2019]





       // very scary, nasty, dangerous, totally illegal and very destructive. //   

       Not illegal, unless you used it in a public place.   

       <Struggles to contain another fit of manaical laughter/>
8th of 7, Jan 05 2019

       You'll need a low-viscosity hydrocarbon. Napalm just won't do for this type of mayhem. You want kerosene.   

       I can see it used as a vigorous area denial system. Hook up a line of these to underground fuel tanks and you'll have something infantry and many types of tank or personnel carrier will not cross. It needn't be running full blast all the time; randomly timed short interval spray could work just as well. Put each sprinkler in a hefty reinforced concrete box.
Voice, Jan 06 2019

       Put the sprinkler with a tank of fuel on a small robotic carrier. Drive toward enemy. Or drive it into a room or bunker and announce the occupants have ten seconds to clear the area. The benefit over a bomb is reusability.
Voice, Jan 06 2019

       Mount the sprinkler on the sides of a tank to deter tampering.   

       Use it to make smoke.   

       Use it to clear brush.   

       Use it to decoy heat seeking missiles.
Voice, Jan 06 2019

       Flaming tire tracks!
Voice, Jan 06 2019

       // You'll need a low-viscosity hydrocarbon. //   

       Not necessarily, WW2 flamethrowers generally used thickened or gelled fuels to make them cling to surfaces and stop them soaking into the ground.   

       You just need high delivery pressures.   

       // Napalm just won't do for this type of mayhem. //   

       Oh, it will. It surely will ...   

       // You want kerosene. //   

       We like all volatile liquid fuels.
8th of 7, Jan 06 2019

       Thought about this for a home security system. Motion tracking sensors and a warning recording as trespassers are being doused saying, "Gasoline will be substituted for water and ignited in, five, four, three, two..."   

       Probably wouldn't get to "one".   

       A system which sprays an intruder with gasoline-scented water would be useful. The thought of wearing clothes soaked in fuel would be quite alarming, even though the liquid itself was entirely harmless.
8th of 7, Jan 07 2019


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