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Two Alarm Pepper Spray

"That second alarm wasn't so chilly." "How are you still capable of talking?"
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When discussing chilis, the term "alarm" (as in Five Alarm Chili) refers to a single type of pepper, or "heat" source in the recipe. A Five Alarm Chili therefore has five different types of peppers.

The current Pepper Spray on the market can be considered to be only one alarm because the "heat" source is just super concentrated capsaicin (which is the active ingredient in peppers that makes them "hot"). This has limited the absolutly punishing, debilitating power of the weapon, until the recent invention of Two Alarm Pepper Spray.

Two Alarm Pepper Spray is composed almost exactly like normal pepper spray, with the exception that it contains a highly flammable accelerant, and the nozzle of the spray can is extremely high friction.

The second alarm is real fire. Asshole!

(for less serious offenders: dont hold down nozzle until fire comes out)

cuckoointherye, Jan 24 2005

Pepper Spray http://www.encomsafety.com/
Pepper Spray [cuckoointherye, Jan 25 2005]


       For the Joneses. Whose to say that ted fellow doesn't like his chilli to be crispy?   


Blumster, Jan 24 2005


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