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Corrossive AND Irritating to the ususpecting Felon
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I love to watch COPS. (reality show).

Seeing the live action chronicles and stupidity of cheap thugs and miscreants getting their just desserts (all the while denying their actions and simultaneously asking for a cigarette) just fills my heart with joy.

Can you believe some thugs are actually building tolerance to just plain pepper spray ?

Let's hit em with Salt and Pepper spray, to make the interaction even more painful, AND corrode their cheap ass jewelry as well !

mahatma, May 08 2003


       Can I have Salt and vinegar instead?
silverstormer, May 08 2003

       Carry it to restaurants or family dinners *just in case*.
k_sra, May 08 2003

       (-) for liking COPS. However, if you adapted it to be used as a quick topping to street broccoli I'll change my vote.
Worldgineer, May 08 2003

       [mahatma] I'm am sorry to hear of your affliction. I am going to have to fishbone this, but not becuase it doesn't have potential, (it does) but it needs something a bit more caustic than "saltandpepper."
ato_de, May 08 2003

       Hot sauce?
snarfyguy, May 08 2003

       What we need is liquid that stings enough to hurt, but also bubbles on contact, with a satisfying, "tsshshshshsh" noise to convince the "perp" that his face is melting.
friendlyfire, May 08 2003

       Another use for carbonated ketchup?
Worldgineer, May 08 2003

       //but it needs something a bit more caustic//

Salt and pepper and tiny fishbones?
pluterday, May 08 2003


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