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Door mace

Door for those bad communities
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Many doors have peepholes but what if you wanted to do more than just look outside? What if some perp was at your door and you wanted to get rid of him fast? Sounding a loud alarm is useful but then your neighbors would get mad at you for waking them up.

Introducing! Door Mace! A basic can of mace with some mechanics for in-door operation. Fits into a routed recession in the door, it can be aimed with a small lever and fired with a push-button button. It should be high so that kids can't play double dare with it.

twitch, Dec 14 2006


       So you think it is good (and tempting) and yet you bone it?
methinksnot, Dec 14 2006


       Here I was thinking this was a beak- glass- in- case- of- emergency morningstar strapped to your front door.   

       It would serve a similar purpose, just be a whole lot more fun to use.
Custardguts, Dec 14 2006

       that law doesnt apply here in Oz, if someone breaks into your house, and you dong 'em, they can rightfully sue you for assault and battery....   

       when we lived in the sticks the local cop told us if we ever caught anyone breaking in, to kneck them, take them away, dump 'em, and dont tell anyone.
Stork, Dec 14 2006

       hey 21 this is australia, he'll be back in 18 months with good behavior
Custardguts, Dec 14 2006

       How about spraying skunk juice? Lawsuit still?
twitch, Dec 14 2006

       [phlish], that was graphic. If anything, let's keep this idea homebrew so that you can always make it look like an accident, atleast the laceration part.
twitch, Dec 15 2006

       stork //when we lived in the sticks// where do you live now - in a cave, on an island, in the middle of a swamp?
xenzag, Dec 15 2006


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