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I’m a biped carbon-based life form.

I don't believe in truth. I advice, you do the same thing.

[Nov 30 2010, last modified Jan 22 2015]

(+1) 3d hologram illusion with transprent LCD screen
(+1, -2) 50 KHz power mains supply in homes
(+7, -2) A technique for creating new words.
(+1) AC using ice slabs
(+2, -1) Additional Side wheels
(+1, -2) Air as a refrigerant instead of Freon/CFC
(-2) Allow special characters in HB
(+1, -11)(+1, -11) Anti-smell
(+3, -1) Assemble a Cellphone
 Bi-directional lanes
(+2, -3) Bicycle without chain
 Boat with aircraft wing
(+2, -1) Boats with tails for propulsion
 Cableway instead of bridges
(+4) car powered boats
 Car with air compressor
(-3) Car with rotating surface i.e. treadmill
(+3, -19)(+3, -19)(+3, -19) Cars with a wing for mpg
 Cars with Kick-start similar to motor Bikes
(+4, -2) Cars with Periscopes
 CASIO piano with touch sensitive surface
 Cd independent of Aspect ratio
 Cellphone with replaceable motherboard (chip)
(+1) Chess via SMS
(+5) Climate control tent
(-4) combined brakes for two wheelers ( motorbikes/scooters)
 Compressed air powered Vehicle
(+3, -1) Connecting additional hardware with defunct tail
(+2) Cool clothes for summer
 Cool Party trick
(+1) Dogs go for shopping
(-4) Easy Phone Numbers
(+2, -1) Efficiency with Additionl traction on demand
(+2) Efficient usage of cooking gas
(+2) Elevator with large gravity Battery
 Enhanced gravity
(+1) File format for 360 degree photos
(-9)(-9) Fishbone for Vegetarians ?
(+3, -2) Friction less cargo transport
 fridge + heater
(+4, -2) Fridge made entirely of glass
(+1) Fridge with water cooled condenser
 Fuel efficient car
(+2, -1) Google earth : view from top
(+1, -2) Google street view + LCD goggles
 HB search
 hearing aid
(-2) High speed Hovercraft/Hover car
(+3, -1) Highly compressed speech transmision
(+6) Idea for competition of fake hightech machine
 Improved postal address scheme
 Improved Telephone numbering scheme
 In transit train connections
(+2) Indoor flying
(+1) Intelligent TV.
(+1, -8)(+1, -8) Inventor of the week - HB
 Laptops with built in cellphones
 LASER sound
 Less crowded city centre.
 lifeguard floating Platform
(+7, -1) Lifesaving model helicopter
(+1, -4) List of HB approved acronyms
(+1) Live 360° VR Booth
 Longer Days
(+3, -1) Lookup table video compression
(+2) Lowtech VR
(+1, -3) Lunch Factory
(+4) Make Your Own Consumer electronic Product
(+1) Matchbox sized remote
(+3, -2) Memory Write switch
(+3) Minimal Cellphone
 Minimal leakage fridge.
(+1) Mobile Shadows
 More efficient heater/AC
(-1) Multi track Music format
(-1) Multiparty barter trading
(+1, -4) Narco packaged with RFID tags
(+9)(+9) Never stopping Express trains
(+1, -6)(+1, -6) New naming scheme for the days of week
(+7, -1) Noise Cancellation for ghostly effects
(-3) One standardized 9V adapter for all
(-1) Pigeon UAV
(+2, -5) Pre-antiblurred image.
(+5, -3) Procedure for making room invisible.
(+1, -4) Quick Grocery shopping
(+5, -1) Railway zoo
(+2, -1) RC planes carrying Airmail
 Remote Controlled everything
(+3) Self cooling/heating shoes
 Sinewave speedbreakers with precision speed control.
(-2) single seater cars
(+2) skydiving in a car without parachute
(+6) solar cooling hat with chimney
(+5) Solar Gas cooking
(-2) Special Karaoke recording format
(+1) standardized cell-phone Accessories
 Super capacitor Battery for cellphones
(+3, -1) T-shirts with maps
(+10)(+10) Toy fridge that actually cools
 TV Screen saver
(+14)(+14) TV signal format with transparent pixel
(+2, -1) Ultra-HD quality Cartoon films on shortwave
 ultrasonic vision for blind
(+6, -1) USB enabled fan for VR
 Walking aid for the blind
(+7) Watching two programs at once
(-2) Water heating by friction
(-3) Wholesale Purchase society
(+1, -5) Zepplins with rigid wing sails

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