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Due to the unfortunate crash of the Halfbakery recently, many of my ideas are no longer available. I can assure you, though, they were good ones :(

[Oct 17 2003, last modified Oct 04 2004]
(+7, -6) Almost Zero
 Anti-bacterial Soap
(+1) Atkins-Approved Pet Food
 Best Printer for the Job
(+11)(+11) Bottom-heavy Spoon
(+1, -2) Cached Links
(+3) Calculator with Handwriting Recognition
(+3) Cellular Camera
(+2) Cheese LEGO
 Competitive Servers
 Configuration Cache
(+2) Deep-Dish Bread
(-8)(-8) Digestible Fast Food
(+4, -5) Digitally Signed Money
(+2) Dinner and a Car Wash
(+2, -1) E-mail RSS Feeds
(-4) Elimination Jeopardy
(+2) Golden Ratio Graham Crackers
 Helpful File Sharing
 Inflatable mousepad
(+1) Magazine Faces
(+5) Monopoly/Risk! Hybrid
 Origami Folding Boards
 Passive Hard Drive Check
 Popularity Yearbook
 Rainbow Milk
(+20, -2)(+20, -2) Rob a Bank for Fun and Profit
(+12, -3)(+12, -3) Rorschach's Password
(+3) Ruled paper
(+4, -3) Scabbed Twinkie
 Sky Omnirama
 Smart Shower
(+3, -1) Soccer with Guns :)
(+1, -3) Spectrolenses
 Standardized snack shapes & sizes
 Symbiotic Band
(+1) Sympathy Scholarship
(+1) Tell them for me
(+2) Tesla Mouse
(+3, -1) Trig Chip

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