A half croissant on a plate with barely visible vampire teeth.  If you look closely, there are puncture marks on the 50c sign. Happy halloween!
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Oct 09 2020

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Sep 2020

Voilà Cloche     Make Stop Signs Yellow Instead Of Red     Owner-occupier landlord service     English Electric Lightning II     colour space goggles     photon magnetic particle theory     Halfbakery Zoom virtual Meetup     Fake artificial leg     Led Sikorsky     A Wayz Man Once Said     Science Witnesses     Morbento Box     Fencing Post Roomba     Hydropneumatic LSD     "Coronavirus: The Musical"     Giant shotgun clears landmines     Gamified Dynamic Pathogen Risk Maps     Sandroomba     Battery Pack     Bus stop capsule hotel     The Monument of Ultimate Futility     Chocolate coins worth what they weigh     Near Earth Orbit Conservation Corporation     Warming Pills     spork pie     Single-Sized Coinage     Timezones by latitude     Gentleman's Dissembler Hat     Combined line trimmer and metal detector.     Prepacked tablets with water.     Bullseye Torch     Keep spare change on 'customer loyalty' card     Refrigerated Coin Purse     Homopolymers begone     The Great Wall Of Death Bagpipe Orchestra     Motorcycle Bagpipe Exhaust     Womanned mission to Venus     Freshwater Aquarium Nutrient Export Device     Turkey puzzle     Convertible Movie     The Covid Mask Of Fu Manchu     Chiral spectroscopic signature to find extra-terrestrial life     Attack of the Chinese Muslims ...     AirSpeed-Powered Wheel Rotation     Drone with Metal Detector     Irrigation Irritation  

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