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Abacus Gloves

A fitting gift that counts
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Do you require some help when balancing an account, adding up a mini-golf score or counting calories? Need a hand when making change or summing a puppy litter during birth? Just whip out these snug-fitting, Teflon fabric, abacus gloves, pull them on and you’re ready for any addition or subtraction predicaments, in any weather.

Like a Japanese abacus, the left hand glove is the “lower deck” with four smooth-gliding rings on each finger. The right hand glove is the “upper deck” with one ring on each finger. A stop on each finger tip acts as the separating “crossbar”, and the thumbs quickly push and pull the ring “beads” on the finger “rods” for values up to 10.000.

FarmerJohn, Apr 04 2005

Japanese abacus http://www.knet.co.za/japan1/abacus.htm
[FarmerJohn, Apr 04 2005]


       Also useful as martial arts weapons...
RayfordSteele, Apr 04 2005

       What is that strange pattern on Nabuko's face, master?   

       Ah, he wears the mark of the abacus...
theircompetitor, Apr 04 2005

       ... He had short-changed a banker by $5.00 from the looks of it, now he wears the mark forever...
froglet, Apr 04 2005

       Abacusbie and Finch can't keep'em on the shelves.   

       ...don't bump me, I'm counting.
macncheesy, Apr 05 2005

       Yesss. Once again I spotted the FarmerJohn idea by reading the title. Croissant for meee. And have one yourself.
English Bob, Apr 05 2005


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