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Eye Rubbers

Rub your eyes while remaining fully gloved
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As soon as I've put my gloves on, my eyes always start watering, my inner ear itches, and I urgently have to pick my nose. It happens every cold day in winter, I don't know why! Now, it's just not possible to take care of these problems (rubbing my eyes, scratching inside my ear, etc.) with gloved fingers. So I have to take off the glove, get my fingers cold, and then put it back on. A pain.

But if the back of the glove had an Eye Rubber -- a soft, rubber, textured extrusion that looks like a side of a finger -- then I could rub/pick/scratch or anything else while remaining fully gloved.

phundug, Jun 09 2004


       Keep a screw driver in your pocket, with a nice big handle. Use the dull end of the handle for the eyes and the balde for the orifices. If anyone complains about you picking the nose in public with a screwdriver tell him that your nose prosthesis came loose and that he should mind his own business and not bother the handicapped. Also useful for back scratching and general screwing around.
kbecker, Jun 09 2004

       ha ha ha! I give this a croissant for kbecker's anno.
Pericles, Jun 13 2004

       I thought this was an idea for ophthalmic prophylactics, which would help prevent the transmission of blood- and body fluid-borne diseases through the conjunctiva. (See CSI: Season Three, Episode Eight, "Snuff.")
Guncrazy, Jun 13 2004

       Not to mention the clear plastic versions called iRubbers. +
sartep, Jun 14 2004

       Odd time of year to bring this up.
My grandmother used to tell me only to poke my ear with my elbow, but then she was rather odd.
angel, Jun 14 2004

       Also a problem when wearing rubber gloves for washing-up etc. +
dobtabulous, Jun 14 2004

       also handy for people with hooks for hands. <see J M Barrie>
etherman, Jun 14 2004

       As a result of filling out hospital questionairres prior to my son's recent (minor) surgery, I discovered there is such a thing as an allergy to latex. phundug, I think you've got that thing.
DrCurry, Jun 14 2004

       or wool allergy,
dentworth, Jun 14 2004

       //I discovered there is such a thing as an allergy to latex.// There sure is, I wear them 10 minutes and I get all itchy. Have to wear Vinyl or Nitrile, but not all the places where I have to work supply them. It can get nasty.
kbecker, Jun 16 2004

       Actually, [phundug], it's probably the heroin.
disbomber, Apr 15 2005

       And here I thought this idea was going to be condoms for the eyeballs for those REALLY bad blind dates!
Cedar Park, Apr 16 2005

       Latex allergy is a real issue, and can also cause problems in surgery - patients can have all kinds of nasty reactions including anaphylactic shock. I had been told that an allergy can be induced by (for instance) latex gloves, and then cause a full-blown reaction if you're operated on by a surgeon wearing latex gloves etc.
Basepair, Apr 16 2005

       Handy for when you get a pencil in the eye at school.
weedy, Apr 16 2005


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