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Gloves for Long Nails

Ladies gloves that accommodate long fingernails
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Imagine a beautiful pair of ladies leather gloves with a folded tip on the fingers to allow for extra space for long fingernails! When the wearers nails are trimmed back, the folds on the tip will roll back inside the finger part of the glove. But when a pair of long, expensive artificial nails needs to be protected, the accordian like folds will extended out for a little extra room. Even better if the fingertip of the glove allows for the nails to be seen.
birdbrain, Dec 19 2003


       Seriously Sacrificing Self Serving Supplimentation   

       Like gloves don't do enough to decrease dexterity as it is ... but a nice one for the ladies, I guess.
Letsbuildafort, Dec 19 2003

       That would just look weird, which I think would be counter to the intent of long nails or gloves.
AO, Dec 19 2003

       really long nails = yuck. Still I like the idea of the gloves which leave the nails free to view. Plastic tips perhaps? Or bin man style fingerless ones (perhaps with sequins).
squeak, Dec 19 2003

       Two words: Oven Mitts - its all the rage.
Letsbuildafort, Dec 19 2003


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