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Fingers-Only Glove

...the reverse of fingerless gloves, I suppose!
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OK, it's fairly common to see gloves with fingers cut off. But for me, at least, it's always my fingers that get cold easily--my palms seem to stay warm on their own. So, I propose something rather like four glove fingers, sewn together. If they were knit to be snut, and fitted well (went all the way down to base of fingers before being sewn togeher, etc), I think they'd stay on... I'd certainly buy a pair!

PS--I searched to see if this was backed. Doesn't seem to be but I don't claim to be a search-master. If someone knows of them being baked, tell me--I may just buy a pair!

Urania, Dec 12 2001

fingergloves.com http://www.fingergloves.com
Pretty much says everything you wanted to know about wearing latex on your fingers. [jurist, Feb 07 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) "Finger Cots" http://sciplus.com/...&cartLogFrom=Search
Idea is in fact baked, to a partial degree. More than half. [Macwarrior, Oct 04 2004]


       Perhaps, but how snut was it?
snarfyguy, Dec 12 2001

       The point of fingerless gloves is to keep your fingers warm by preventing heat loss through the rest of your hand.
pottedstu, Dec 12 2001

       According to some other random factoid on here, you can keep your fingers warm by wearing a hat.
angel, Dec 12 2001

       remember those little rubber things you used for counting money, one of those on each finger might help
po, Dec 12 2001

       An archer's glove comes close. Three middle fingers, connected to a wrist strap. Maybe if you added some insulation?
nick_n_uit, Dec 14 2001

       These Finger Gloves are simply fantastic! Check out the site if you have any questions. fingergloves.com. A solid believer.
Creating, Feb 07 2002

       Disgusting site. Would you be affiliated with it in any way?
snarfyguy, Feb 07 2002

       How in the world could you say it's a disgusting site... obviously you haven't even seen the site (http://www.FingerGloves.com). Finger Gloves are for crafting, culinary, home improvement and gardening. Hey snarfyguy, I think you may want to visit FingerGloves.com before you say something so damaging that is obviously wrong. Karma's coming your way.
Creating, Apr 16 2002

       [Creating]: Maybe [snaryguy] finds crafting, culinary, home improvement and gardening to be disgusting.
bristolz, Apr 16 2002

       I wonder if they make condoms.
waugsqueke, Apr 16 2002

       knitted or crocheted or baked?
po, Apr 16 2002

       Baked. You can buy a set of (5) finger protectors from sciplus.com, used for picking up pinches of chemicals. Although these aren't insulated. [link]
Macwarrior, Nov 20 2003

       No non-latex alternatives, I see.
Detly, Nov 20 2003


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