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New Sleeves

A coat or jacket with arms that end in gloves.
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These New Sleeves can be sold separately or attached to a new coat or jacket. Basically, the cuffs are sectioned into fingers, and a thumb, and these may be joined together with an elastic material.

New Sleeves have no palm, just holes for the fingers to enter at the base of the cuff, so the fingers stay warm. The palm generally does not need to be covered because it is at the end of the arm where warm blood enters the hand.

New Sleeves do not have to be worn at all times, and when not in use they simply grasp the forearm tightly like a common elasticated cuff. These brand new sleeves look like common old sleeves, except they can be worn as gloves.

Brand New Sleeves

rcarty, Nov 12 2013

Another solution Warmest_20Mittens
[JesusHChrist, Nov 12 2013]


       Sure, why not? I think when we were kids we had gloves that buttoned onto the end of the jacket or coat sleeves, so you could leave them dangling if you didn't want to wear them and also you wouldn't lose them! [+]
After thinking more about this, I think they had clips on either end of an elastic thingy, too.
xandram, Nov 13 2013


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