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Fingerlock Glove

You really will keep them crossed now
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I love it when I'm going in for a promotion interview or I'm about to ask a really hot girl out to dinner, and my friends say "I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya!". They never do. In fact, half the time folks say that they can't even be arsed to actually cross their fingers long enough to even say it.

So... latex or nitrile exam gloves with 4 fingers. The index and middle fingers are joined and have a helical shape to them, to conform to (and hold firmly in place) properly crossed fingers. keep a pack in a pocket, and whenever someone says they'll keep their fingers crossed for you, hand them one and watch them put it on.

21 Quest, Sep 28 2012


       I don't think it'll catch on, but I'll keep my fingers crossed. [+]
Alterother, Sep 28 2012

       “You're damn right you'll keep your fingers crossed.”
ytk, Sep 28 2012

       Then you find out that the 'hot girl' is wearing the trouser version of this idea, called Leglock.
xenzag, Sep 28 2012

       "Fingerglock glove".
FlyingToaster, Sep 28 2012

       Gloves with fingers made to resemble the slide of the World's Ugliest Handgun?
Alterother, Sep 28 2012

       In some versions the crossed fingers allow the insertion of a cigarette making smoking much more lucky.

       Others are used by security forces when detaining peace protesters to prevent them from making that loathed peace sign, instead forcing them to make the much more acceptable "live long and prosper" hand signal.

       In yet others, a likeness of Jesus Christ dangles from the crudely crossed nearly parallel fingers imbuing the gloves and the gesture with special powers.
rcarty, Sep 29 2012

       This is great, and very halfbaked. Love. +
blissmiss, Sep 29 2012

       // Then you find out that the 'hot girl' is wearing the trouser version of this idea, called Leglock.//

       I don't date Muslim. I wouldn't want to find a girl I've gotten to like to be the victim of an honor killing.
21 Quest, Sep 29 2012

       //You didn't necessarily say "my fingers, the ones on my hand" so in theory if you to a path lab and buy some, then you can just cross 'em and keep them in the freezer. Bringing the hot girl home and pointing them out would make for an intriguing fir date, but may not lead to a second date. —bellauk65, Sep 29 2012//

       I accidentally deleted this annotation. It immediately preceded my last annotation. Sorry, it's these infernal touch screens.
21 Quest, Sep 29 2012

       They're much easier to use if you're not wearing Fingerlock Gloves, you know.
Alterother, Sep 29 2012

       Potential spinoff idea: cockblock gloves. For teenage sons who need to take a break sometimes.
21 Quest, Sep 29 2012

       Anti-masturbatory devices were baked in the 16th century.
Alterother, Sep 29 2012

       Probably used extensively by Thomas Moore.
21 Quest, Sep 29 2012

       From the title I was picturing a fingertrap/handcuff combo.   


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